We have a massive Registration for Camp and sometime a parent will call and need to cancel one of the kids, but they registered both together on the same registration. When there are payments involved, we don't like to just delete registrations, so we usually have an inactive instance called "Cancelled High School Camp" that we move cancellations to. So in order to split one kid out and move them we had to build a work-a-round. 


So how do we cancel Morgan's registration and move her to the cancelled instance without messing up the rest of the registration? 

1) Build an additional Instance to move cancelled registrations to. Make note of the Instance Id. 

2) Install the attached workflow. ***You must have the Workflow Stimpack Plugin Installed to use this workflow. 

3)Change the Registration Attribute in the workflow. In the single select block change the Registration Instance Id's to match the Ids from the instances you want to use this tool on. 

4) Change the Registration Instance Attribute to display the instances you want to be able to move registrations to. 

Your workflow is ready to go! 

Here is a video showing how it works: https://www.loom.com/share/9a3a5a7d081b4ecd89182b54e3d9ff84