We have lots of different campus staff and ministry staff and don't want to necessarily have all of their emails on the web. So we built a form that allows you to build connections for specific staff members based on who is selected on the web. 

To see how this works click here: https://www.loom.com/share/eb95c76e79454a25aeb5bcf9fc6e2866

1) Build a connection type called 'Contact Staff'.

2) Import the attached workflow. 

3)In the first activity of the workflow, on the action called "Test for Staff Role" You will have to change the line that says '%hillsideonline.com'. Change it to '%yourchurchemailtag.com' to match your staff email url! This will then make sure the person the connection is assigned to is a staff member, as long as staff members have their work emails on their profile in Rock, if you don't have that, you will have to write your own SQL to find a way to test for staff. 

4) Make some links on your website to use the form. 

Example link format: https://hillsideonline.com/WorkflowEntry/12?PersonId=111432  **Change the 12 to match the workflow Id of the workflow you imported in step 2, change the person id to match the person you want this link to direct connections to! 

You're ready!