How many times have you been asked by staff for event registration details? If your experience is anything like mine, you've exported and massaged all kinds of stuff directly from Registration pages or with SQL to support your ministries. At some point, I realized that many of the requests were similar - staff just needed a quick way to figure out who signed up and a way to contact them. So I created this dynamic report.

Disclaimer: To simplify things, we built this for events with fees defined. It may be possible to extend this to work for events without fees.

We'll walk through all of the components here. You can skip to the end and download any Lava and SQL that is included. First, here's a quick look at the finished product:


Create A New Page

Create a new page in your hierarchy with your other reporting. Ours looks like this:


You can customize the Page Routes (in Advanced Settings) - we used EventRegistrantReport.

Add three page blocks:

  1. Page Parameter Filter - we'll set up SQL for the events and options here.
  2. Dynamic Data - we'll display summary data here.
  3. Dynamic Data - we'll show the details here.


Set Up Page Parameter Filters

First, we'll configure the Page Parameter Filter settings.


Next, we'll add Multi-Select filters to the page for Selected Events and Selected Options (note that all Lava and SQL is available at the end of this recipe).



Configure The Summary Block

The first dynamic data block is a summary block with high level information about event signups.


Configure The Detailed Block

The second dynamic data block includes a row for each of the selected event signups.


That's all there is to it. Hit me up on Rocket Chat with any questions or suggestions for improvements.