*** UPDATE *** this is written using Rock 14.0 or higher and you must be running "FLUID" on your Lava Engine Liquid Framework.

Have you ever been asked something like... "Can you give me metrics on a Person Date (Attribute) or Step Started or Completed Date or number of new connection requests per week... and include some historical info for comparisons... oh yeah and can you split it up by campus... and then keep those tracking so we can benchmark it going forward?"

Just say "YES - today and today only, just for you, in our Rock Department we have a blue light special running on the metrics easy button !!!"

With this recipe you will be able to build out everything necessary to make a campus dashboard that will be self maintaining, that you can easily add pages and/or change the metrics being displayed.

Included in the attached zip file are all the instructions, SQL statements and lava code you will need to create attributes, Lava ShortCodes, and pages. Once the zip file is downloaded, you'll see instructions in both Word .docx & PDF, numbered & named .txt files that you will use to copy/paste and a couple of screen shots of the finished dashboards.

Don't be overwhelmed by the instructions - 22 pages - most pages only have a 1/2 page of easy to follow bullet points along with screenshots so you can see just what is being described or how your settings and items will look when completed.