Twilio has recently made available (via 'Developer Preview') Hosted Numbers. How this works is that you can host the SMS functionality for phone numbers using Twilio connected to Rock, while leaving the Voice functionality in place (for example with your PBX provider or ISP). Twilio has a good FAQ on the subject.

Here is how to setup the Twilio portion of hosted numbers for use with Rock. Once you have the numbers setup in Twilio, you'll be adding them to Rock using the same process for other Twilio numbers. If the inline pictures are too small, they also are included at the bottom of the post in larger format

Process Overview (Phases)

  1. Submission of your Hosted SMS request
  2. Verify Ownership
  3. Sign Electronic LOA
  4. Carrier Processing, Testing and Provisioning
  5. Connect Twilio to Rock
  6. Setup Rock to use the new number(s) you added to Twilio

How to

  1. Go to and login
  2. Once in your account, select the Phone Numbers menu item
  3. Select the Port and Host sub-menu item
  4. Select the Host Numbers sub-menu item
  5. Select the red + button to start a new hosting request. This is the process Twilio uses to check and verify eligibility.
  6. Complete the Friendly Name (1) and Phone Number(s) (2) sections. Make sure to format your number properly. Skip the status callback section
  7. At the last screen of the submission process, paste the Webhook URL you're using in Rock into the Incoming Message Webhook field (1), and set the Method to Post (2). These steps are both optional, but recommended. This is what tells Twilio to work with Rock for incoming messages to your # (Rock handles outgoing). If you don't set this now, you can modify it later by going to the Phone Number and modifying the Phone Number's "Messaging" webhook for a message comes in
  8. Make sure the green Hosting Request Received confirmation shows (1), then select your Hosted SMS request (2)
  9. Review the status and select the Verify Number button (1)
  10. Select Call Number button (1) and you'll receive a phone call at the number you are wanting to enable Hosted SMS for to begin the verification process
  11. Follow the phone prompt, inputting the # on your screen (when done select Verification Complete)
  12. Begin the LOA signature process by selecting Create Letter of Authorization (1)
  13. Select an appropriate Address (1), Contact Title (2), Contact Phone Number (3), and Email Address (4) for the LOA and select Continue
  14. Review the status, making sure that Waiting for LOA Signature is the status
  15. Check your email. You'll receive a LOA from the Twilio Onboarding Team. Select the Review & Sign button
  16. Complete the LOA process. The easiest way is to use the Get Started button in the upper right (it will walk you through it). This process works best on a computer (but also works on mobile)
  17. Once you've completed the LOA, you'll get a submission confirmation screen (and a copy of the LOA in your email)
  18. Review the status screen. You've done your part, and the status will now read Carrier Processing & Carrier Testing. When they've completed testing, it will change to Hosting Complete and your number will be usable in Rock (with the appropriate webhook configuration in place)