Do you need to add a step to a data view or group of people or any other grid of people in Rock? 

Here one way to accomplish this. 

  1. Navigate to the Bulk Update page by going to CMS Configuration -> Pages -> Internal Homepage -> Bulk Update
  2. Click "Add Block to Section"
  3. Search for the Step Bulk Entry Block and add this block to the page. 
  4. In the block settings you can choose to pre-select a certain step to speed up the build of these steps:     Screenshot_2023-10-16_at_9.35.33 AM.png
  5. Then navigate to your list of people(Dataview, group, report, etc)  and click the Truck icon:Screenshot_2023-10-16_at_9.37.32 AM.png
  6. After clicking on the truck, scroll to the bottom of the page to use the build steps block: Screenshot_2023-10-16_at_9.38.39 AM.png You will see the (1 of 16) showing the number of people you selected. 
  7. Click through and build the steps! 

  • NOTE: If a person already has this step and isn't allowed to have multiple it will show a warning, but will allow you to keep proceeding.
  • Screenshot_2023-10-16_at_9.41.39 AM.png

Happy Step building!