I love that Rock has a “Pending Group Members Notification” email already built in but I wanted to make it easier for small group leaders to make the members active. So, I made a way for the leader to just click a link and it would automatically make the group member active in the group using the steps below


1. Upload the workflow and change the redirect page to your external website. I added 4 page parameters to the redirect page for these reasons:

GroupId={{ Workflow | Attribute:'GroupId'}}

This is to bring them to viewing the right group in the Group Toolbox

rckipid={{ Workflow | Attribute:'PersonToken'}}

This automatically logs the person in using a Person Token to keep it simple.


This is only if you are doing the optional step 4. I use this to tell the page that it was sent from this workflow.

groupmember={{ Workflow | Attribute:'GroupMember','FirstName'}}

This is also for optional step 4 to be able to display the Group Members first name that they made active.

2. Create an external page to handle the workflow. Add a “Workflow Entry” block to page and set it to the workflow you uploaded in Step 1.

3.  Update the “Pending Group Members Notification” email to have this directly below the persons address

        <a href="https://www.[yourexternalwebsite].com/pendingtoactive?Group={{Group.Guid}}&PersonId={{pendingIndividual.Id}}&GroupId={{Group.Id}}&PersonToken={{ Person | PersonTokenCreate }}">Click Here</a> to change {{ pendingIndividual.FullName }} from pending to active in your group.

4. [Optional] Add a little bit of html to the Group Toolbox page in the “Feature” section. This will have a simple info bar appear that disappears in 10 seconds so the leader knows they were successful.

{% if PageParameter.sent == 'yes' %}
<div id="myElement" style="font-size: 20px; padding: 10px; text-align: center; background-color: lightblue;">You've Made <strong>{{PageParameter.groupmember}}</strong> Active In Your Group</div>
    setTimeout(function() {
      var element = document.getElementById("myElement"); = "none";
    }, 10000);
{% endif %}

Hope this helps your small group leaders like it has for mine.