End Result: Let the Group Scheduler know the decline reason and decline note in the email they receive. 

Core Build: If a person is scheduled but responds that they can't attend, the Schedule Cancellation Person to Notify for that group will receive a cancellation communication. This email simply states that the person scheduled is unable to attend. 

Enhancement: Add html and lava to the System Communication: Scheduling Response Email.

{% if rsvp %}
{% else %}
{% assign reason = ScheduledItem.DeclineReasonValue.Value %}
{% assign note = ScheduledItem.Note %}
    {% if reason and reason != '' %}
    <li>{{ Person.NickName }}'s provided reason for declining was: {{ ScheduledItem.DeclineReasonValue.Value }} </li>
    {% endif %}
    {% if note and note != '' %}
    <li>{{ Person.NickName }} provided the following additional information: {{ note }}</li>
    {% endif %}
{% endif %}



*Refer to Rock your Groups manual for additional Group Scheduler build.

  • Your group must have a "Schedule Cancellation Person to Notify"
  • The Group Schedule Confirmation Block settings should be reviewed