As an organization, we have a subset of contribution statements that have to be run manually each year. The primary scenario invovles the need to override the defualt salutation value as a result of:

1.Legal Name Variations:
We see these individuals adopt cultural aliases to align with thee common characteristics of first and last names in the United States. Theses aliases tend to be similar to their legal name.

2. Families whose household includes more than two adults.
As a church with a large disability ministry, adult with intellectual disabilities are not always moved out of their household of origin. To convey a sense of dignity we also do not categorize them as children in the system. Putting these individuals into their own giving unit does not resolve the issue because the default Salutation field in the contribution template always includes all adults in the household.


  1. Add a New Person Attribute:
    Create a new attribute called "Contribution Statement Salutation".
  2. Configure Financial Team Permissions:
    Ensure that your financial team can edit this attribute by adjusting permissions and making it visible on the extended attributes or contributions page.
  3. Update Attribute as Necessary:
    Modify the new attribute for at least one member in each giving unit where a custom salutation is required.
  4. Update Contribution Template:
    Incorporate the following code to dynamically override salutations:
    {%- for person in PersonList -%}
        {%- assign salutationOverride = person.Id | PersonById | Attribute:'ContributionStatementSalutation' -%}
        {%- if salutationOverride and salutationOverride != empty -%}
            {%- assign Salutation = salutationOverride -%}
        {%- endif -%}
    {%- endfor -%}
  5. Consider Adding a DataView:
    Optionally, create a DataView and Report to review all people with custom salutation attributes values annually. Family Salutation can be pulled into a report via a lava field with the following code:
    {{ Id | PersonById | FamilySalutation }}