A super-simple piece of Lava you can place at the top of your New Communication pages


The Send Communications job has a Expiration Period setting that determines how far-out a communication can be scheduled, and any communications scheduled beyond that date will not be delivered. The problem is that both the Communication Wizard and Simple Editor allow you to schedule out to any date you want (even when that date is past the Expiration Period), and it's difficult for staff to remember "how far out" they are allowed to send... especially if you've modified the job to be longer than the default 3 days.


This will be the simplest recipe you've ever implemented.

  1. Go to Admin | System Settings | Jobs Administration and verify the Expiration Period set on your Send Communications job.
  2. Go to People | New Communication and add a HTML block to the Feature zone of the New Communication page.
  3. Paste this code into the HTML block (make sure you're in code editor mode first):
    <div class="alert alert-warning">
    Do not schedule a future-send email beyond <strong>{{ 'Now' | DateAdd:14,'d' | Date:'M/d/yyyy' }}</strong> or it <strong>will not</strong> send.
  4. Change the 14 after DateAdd: to whatever your job is set for (the default is 3 days, but we use 14 days here.)
  5. Go to your New Communication Simple Editor page and repeat the process so that page has the alert, too.
Your users should now see a banner at the top when creating a new communication that looks like the image below. The date will of course be dynamic and change each day, which is the whole point of this recipe.