Sometimes you want to show bible passages, and due to copyright, there are services that you can send a request to an API.  However, sometimes you may just want to include a bible reference.  I created a shortcode added to a page(I use on my content channel pages), that uses biblegateway's provided javascript. If you follow the instructions below you will only need to put {[ scripture ]} on any page you want to load the script.  Be sure to put this shortcode under the content that should be scanned and have the tooltop added.  A good place is either at the bottom of the block or in the Post-HTML

For bible gateways documentation and available translations click here

  • Create a Lava Shortcode under Admin Tools > CMS Configuration > Lava Shortcodes using the following Properties:
    • Name: Scripture Tooltip
    • Tag Name: scripture (you can change this to what you want to use to call the shortcode)
    • Tag Type: Inline
    • Description: This includes a javascript tag that will turn bible references into tooltips powered by BibleGateway
    • Shortcode Markup
              <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
              <script type="text/javascript">
                  BGLinks.version = "NRSV";