A simple Person Profile Badge that shows all logins for the person as well as the last time they used that login.


Because it's useful to see when someone logged-in, and what login name they used.


  1. Go to Admin | General Settings | Person Profile Badges and add a new badge with the following settings:
    • Name: User Logins
    • Description: Shows all logins (accounts) and last login time for the user.
    • Badge Type: Lava Badge
    • Display Text:
      {% if Person.Users != Empty %}
          <div class="badge" style="color: #9900cc" data-toggle="tooltip" data-original-title="
                  {% for u in Person.Users %}{% assign ltime = u.LastLoginDateTime | Date:'M/d/yy h:mm tt' %}{{ u.UserName }} | 
                      {% if ltime and ltime != '' %}{{ ltime }}{% else %}(never){% endif %}<br />{% endfor %}">
          <i class="badge-icon fa fa-key"></i>
      {% endif %}
  2. Save the badge.
  3. Go to any Person Profile page and edit the Badges1, Badges2, or Badges3 block, depending on where you want this badge to show up.
  4. Select your User Logins badge in the list of available badges.
  5. Refresh the page and you should now see a User Logins (purple key) badge, which you can hover-over to see the details.

You can of course change the FontAwesome icon and its color to something else if you don't like purple keys.

As this is mainly a troubleshooting tool, you may want to set the security on this badge so it's only visible to certain roles. In our org it is only visible to Rock Admin role since normal Staff don't need that info and it would just clutter their profile page.