If you caught Michael's RX Technologies presentation at RX2019 and you wanted to see how we included the t-shirt size on the check-in labels, this is the recipe for you...


First, we created a new label called RX2019 T-Shirt Ticket that included a placeholder merge code (TSHOLDER) for the t-shirt image and a placeholder merge code (SIZE) that would eventually be replaced with the person's attribute value.

In Rock's label editor, it looks like this:


Although it's beyond the scope of this recipe, here's a quick explanation of some of that ZPL in there:

^FX -- this is a handy comment line indicator meaning, anything that follows is ignored on that line.

^FD & ^FS -- These are the Field Data and Field Separator indicators.  This is what allows Rock to perform the ZPL substitution trick.  The placeholder merge code is replaced with your own custom content using your Lava in a Label Merge Field. Meaning, something like this: ^FDPLACEHOLDER^FS becomes something like this: anything-I-want-can-go-here.

Looking at the label details, we see the mapping between the merge codes and our merge fields:


Looking at the T-Shirt Size label merge field, you can see how we fetch the 'T-ShirtSize' attribute from the Person object and split the value into parts using the space delimiter:


We did this because our person attribute is a Single Select field type and the value is something like "Mens S", "Mens M", "Mens L", etc. but we only wanted the S, M, L portion of the value to appear on the label.


If you just wanted the whole value, you could simplify that Lava into just {{ Person | Attribute:'T-ShirtSize' }}

Once it's all put together at run-time, the SIZE placeholder in our label is substituted for the person's t-shirt size -- transforming this:


to this:


We did a similar thing for the t-shirt image, which substituted the TSHOLDER merge code with a Lava merge field that looked something like this:

{% if rockStar != empty %}
^FX T-Shirt and Rock Star T-Shirt
...<stuff deleted>...
{% else %}
^FX Regular RX2019 shirt
^FO128,32^GFA,34560,34560,00072,:Z64: eJzsnM1r5OYdxyVPXIVNu2o........<lots of Z64 image encoding stuff was here>........BCG6wE=:80C9 ^FD {% endif %}