This post is being guest written by Missional Marketing.

To be findable in Google Searches, each web page and each blog post should have the following SEO Attributes:

  1. A typical blog post should be around 300 words. A typical page should have 1,000 words. These should be built upon a specific keyword or phrase known as a focus keyword.
  2. A focus keyword or phrase should be carefully chosen from the highest Google traffic term. You either need keyword traffic tools or a keyword specialist to help with choosing the focus keyword. Missional Marketing, a Rock Partner, can do this for you at no charge. Click here to request a focus keyword.
  3. Blog or Page Title:
    1. Keyword should appear in the SEO title.
    2. Title should be 50 to 60 characters.
  4. Focus Keyword should also appear other places:
    1. Keyword should appear in the first paragraph of the copy.
    2. Keyword should appear in the URL for the page.
    3. Make sure keyword also shows in the slug.
    4. Use focus keyword in H2 subheading (if possible) and over half of the "H" headings.
  5. The meta description should contain the focus keyword and have between 140 and 160 characters.
  6. The overall keyword density should ideally be 1% to 3% which means it should appear about once per 100 words.
  7. The images on the page should contain alt attributes with the focus keyword.
  8. The page should have normal outbound links to related material in the churches main domain.
  9. The page should have normal outbound links to relevant scripture.

There is sometimes a balance between a well-written piece and a perfectly SEO'd article. The goal is to pay attention to keywords as much as possible as you write and fix as much as you're able before you publish. SEO helps Google see and understand your writing so it can accurately share it with those searching.

Note: If you don’t have a keyword traffic tool, here's a tip to choose a keyword. First, think through what word or phrase you'd use to search for your article on Google. This word or phrase is probably close to the ideal keyword for your blog or webpage.