RX2016 Video

Jon Edmiston

A Look Around, A Look Ahead

Get the inside scoop from Spark Development Network on the up-to-date Rock tools available to you today, and step into the future for a peek at exciting new technology on the horizon.

Length: 50m

Arran France

The Rock Community, an International Perspective

You've heard the term "Rock Community," but do you know what it means and why it is the foundational difference that sets Rock apart? Find out what that means for you and learn how to be a community leader from the Shoulder the Boulder / Bricks and Mortar founder.

Length: 23m

Nick Airdo

Putting Workflows to Work For You

Learn workflow techniques that let us automate some of the mundane tasks best suited for a robot. This behind-the-scenes view lets you see how long-time Rock development partner Central Christian Church puts workflows to use.

Length: 30m

Tom Powers

Taking the Plunge

Your church is considering the move to Rock, but you’re not sure where to start, how long it’s going to take, or whose buy-in you’ll need to make the switch. We’ll look at Southeast’s journey to Rock and how these questions and many others were answered.

Length: 63m

David Turner

A Deep Dive Into v6 Features (Part 1)

Take a deep breath but don't close your eyes! You're about to experience the depths of the newest just-around-the-corner Rock features with Spark Development Network. You do not want to miss this!

Length: 28m

David Turner

A Deep Dive Into v6 Features (Part 2)

Take a deep breath but don't close your eyes! You're about to experience the depths of the newest just-around-the-corner Rock features with Spark Development Network. You do not want to miss this!

Length: 26m

Jeremy Turgeon

Using Technology to Facilitate Relationships

Focus on providing an exceptional experience by using technology to supercharge new and existing relationships. RX2016 host Bel Air Church will illustrate Rock's relationship-building toolkit.

Length: 28m

Bronson Witting

Communications, Website, and Workflows: Three Critical Strategies to Get the Most from Rock

Every organization communicates, but some do it much better than others. By harnessing the capabilities of Rock, communicating has never been easier! Cover strategies, best practices, and lessons learned about using Rock effectively - with email and SMS and your website - with NewPointe Church. Also explore the power of workflows, and how to leverage them to make your organization more effective than ever before.

Length: 33m

Frank Grand

Mastering Volunteer Power with Rock

Learn how to bend Rock to your will in order to master volunteer management and tracking. Gain insights from NewSpring Church into harnessing volunteer power.

Length: 30m

David Stevens

Providing a Five Star Check-In Experience

Learn how to provide an excellent, welcoming check-in experience from NewSpring Church. Enable your volunteers to create relationships through efficiency, accuracy, and a smile.

Length: 28m

Jon Edmiston

New To Rock

At the conference we called an audible and added a session for those who were new to rock.

Length: 68m

Nick Airdo

Central Christian Showcase

Central Christian Church shows off their latest Rock customizations.

Length: 19m

Spark Team

Rock Shop Showcase

Get inspired by a tour through the Rock Shop with the Spark team. Check out the 20+ plug-ins that will extend your Rock experience seamlessly.

Length: 12m

Tommy Prater

The Good, The Bad, and Rock

Gain insights from Church on the Rock on how to move from a handful of database systems and train your team to make the jump, including top processes and overcoming obstacles.

Length: 31m

Kelley Langkamp

How to Power Small Groups with Tracking and Support

You haven’t seen what small groups can do unless you’ve seen groups powered by Rock. Kick your small group management up a notch with lessons learned and best practices from Fox River Christian Church, a ministry actively participating in Rock.

Length: 19m

Jim Michael

The Secret Key to Rock Security

You don’t need magic powers to configure Rock’s security. Learn about how security works and see it in action with a look behind the scenes of The Crossing, a church that is instrumentally involved in the Rock community.

Length: 32m

Sam Wagner

Inflight Turbulence

Hold on to your seats! Rock launch may be bumpy. Real Life Ministries will share their experience, and how setting staff expectations can make all the difference.

Length: 22m

Spark Team

Ask the Architects: Q&A

All those questions you've been saving up? Jot them down and bring them along. During this session, you'll be able to ask the core Spark development team everything you've always wanted to know.

Length: m

Seth Thomas

Rock's Value for Our Church and Yours

Rock needs you! Focus on building up the ministry of Rock with the senior pastor of Northeast Christian Church. Learn their reasons for contributing to Rock development and why you should too; including lessons learned from installation and implementation, to updates and utilization of new features, in a mid-sized church of 200+.

Length: 17m

Jeremy Hoff

Engaging Your Leadership: How to Talk With Your Exec Team

Are you ready to take your Rock involvement to the next level, but you need leadership buy-in? Become empowered to make that move with tips from Shepherd Church leadership on approaching your executive team.

Length: 16m