Jon Edmiston

The State of Rock

Get the inside scoop from Spark Development Network on where Rock is today and what has been accomplished since last year.

Length: 56:68m

Matt Sundstedt

Talking Rock with Willow Creek: An Interview

Follow along with Matt Sundstedt of Willow Creek Community Church as he shares his inside Rock story and his insights for the community.

Length: 11:15m

Jon Edmiston

An In-Depth Look at v7

If you've been looking forward to v7, this is your chance to get under the hood and find out how the upcoming features will work.

Length: 57:24m

David Turner

New to Rock

Get a complete picture of what Rock has to offer and how it could power your organization forward.

Length: 51:15m

Eddie Holeman

Connections: More than just a serving tool

Originally designed to simply connect people to serving opportunities, the Rock Connections feature allows you to do so much more. At Fellowship Greenville, we configured Connections for connecting people who desire to serve with serving opportunities within our church, but we also setup the tool to connect those in need with services provided and to connect those who need more direction in areas of ministry to staff members who help guide them.

Length: 23:31m

Arran France

Connections & Communications

Learn the basics of Rock's connection and communication features to start engaging your organisation's membership

Length: 22:41m

Tom Powers

Southeast Show and Tell - Everything but our giving data

What does it look like for Southeast one year after launching Rock? Do we see Rock as a fine wine that gets better with age, or as a stinky cheese that needs to be thrown out? Spoiler alert: we still love it, especially with the customizations we’ll be showcasing.

Length: 24:21m

Shawn Ross

Rock Groups: Makin' Big Rocks Into Little Rocks

Learn how Rock Groups help your team classify, communicate with, and organize your organization.

Length: 18:33m

David Turner

Deconstructing Rock Workflows in the Willow Creek Care Center

Take an in-depth look under the hood at how Rock workflows are being used to minister to their community by the Willow Creek Care Center.

Length: 22:56m

Nicole Burt

Customizing Rock for the Willow Creek Care Center

There’s power in customization. Learn how the Willow Creek Care Center utilizes Rock to seamlessly carry out our mission, serve our guests holistically, and quantify the story of life change that occurs with connection to our church.

Length: 22:45m

Taylor Cavaletto

Central Christian Church Showcase

A showcase of the Room Reservation plugin and several of Central’s metric dashboards

Length: 12:35m

Luke Taylor

Who are all of these people and what are they doing here?

Move past the list on a clipboard: Learn about how you can register people for activities, learn more about them, communicate with them, eventually proceeding to checking them in to the event, all with the power of Rock RMS.

Length: 14:36m

Matthew White and Brian Kalwat

Why you're crazy if you're not using the text-to-workflow plugin!

We'll discuss how we as the Church can utilize texting to share information, engage daily with the Bible, and care for people.

Length: 22:20m

Alyssa Winegar

Workflows and Reporting: The One Thing That No One Is Telling You

If you’re new to Rock - Workflows and Reporting might seem daunting. Get a brief overview of both, along with some tips to become a hero!

Length: 21:45m

Neil Charlet

Willow Creek Community Church Showcase

Come on a journey with Willow Creek as they share their learnings from their Rock implementation. Witness how Willow Creek has been using creativity with some of the modules in Rock to escalate the impact of their ministries.

Length: 26:49m

David Turner

Rock Check-In

There are lots of options when it comes to check-in. See the various ways that Rock's check-in system can be configured to work with your church's check-in process.

Length: 27:45m

Jeremy Hoff

Migration... one tale, two lessons, and three suggestions.

Changing Church Managements Systems can seem like a daunting task. Jon Edmiston’s meme says it best: “Changing an airplane's engine in flight.” Hear how Shepherd accomplished it, what they learned, and how the migration to RockRMS also provided several opportunities to help the little-c church and the big-C Church alike.

Length: 30:45m

Tommy Prater

Giving, trying to put it all together

Gain insights on transitioning giving platforms to RockRMS native online tools and some tips to help your staff and congregation walk through it with you. Thoughts on what went well and what could have been better.

Length: 31:32m

Jon Horton


Devotion given by Jon Horton

Length: 14:22m

John Pitzaferro

What's Your Well, an Interview

Be inspired by one man's motivation to build a ministry inside his industry, and take a fresh look at your own calling.

Length: 18:48m

Jon Edmiston and Emily Forman

Direction from Here

What's next with Rock? Tune in for an exciting look at where we're headed and what that means for your ministry.

Length: 49:39m

Matt Engel

Leading Edge Ministry Innovation

Data intelligence and holistic engagement are beginning to breed new waves of thinking around ministry efficacy. Hear about use cases and the development of advanced technologies in this session. This session will provide insights currently being incubated in a few select areas as the innovations start to emerge. Hear from the Chief Evangelist in the Ministry Solutions Group at Gloo and Research Fellow from Leadership Network.

Length: 30:58m

Jim Michael

Rock-Powered Websites: Think Outside the (Stark) Box

This session will showcase a few Rock-powered websites, highlighting what can be done if you look beyond the "Stark" theme and really use Rock's power of customization and personalization to drive your site. The goal is to spark ideas for your own Rock-driven sites, but is not a tutorial on building a Rock website.

Length: 23:53m

Frank Grand

How to Get Rock Rolling at Your Church

NewSpring converted to Rock in March 2016. We'll discuss what that looked like for us and talk about the advice we have for churches considering a move and/or are in the middle of implementing the move to Rock. Learn what worked well for us and things we could have done better!

Length: 20:58m

Jon Edmiston

3 1/2 Course Corrections

Change is the only thing that brings progress. This session will focus on some changes that we as a community can make to allow Rock to go to the next level.

Length: 22:53m

Van McNeece

Migrating Hearts and Minds

Migrating church management software can be technically challenging for your team and your congregation. Winning the hearts and minds of the people you serve is the key to overcoming all the hurdles you’ll encounter. (Migrating to amazing software helps too.)

Length: 29:09m

Nick Airdo

Rock Shop Showcase

Get inspired by a tour through the Rock Shop with the Spark team. Check out the 20+ plug-ins that will extend your Rock experience seamlessly.

Length: 18:16m

Spark Development Network, Inc.

Ask the Core Team: Q&A

All those questions you've been saving up? Jot them down and bring them along. During this session, you'll be able to ask the core Spark Development Network team everything you've always wanted to know.

Length: 35:15m

Jon Edmiston

Closing Challenge

The world is full of surprises. Some of them are God ordained. Could some of the surprises from the conference meet that criteria?

Length: 2:14m