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Putting Resources in the Palm of Their Hands: Using Rock Mobile to Make Resources and Bible Plans Easily Accessible

Morgan Woods

Hillside uses Rock Mobile for our Groups ministry and Special Events. We use the app to distribute bible plans, leader resources, and more. In this presentation, we will show how we use content channels to create bible reading plans and display that in the app. We will also show how we use it as a hub of information for special events such as summer camp and other large events. If you’ve ever wanted to figure out how to better equip your leaders, this is a presentation you won’t want to miss.

Group Attendance Summaries for the Win!

Tina Reusch

Like many churches, we are multi-site with many different kinds of groups. Most of our groups meet on a regular basis and take attendance. The challenge for our staff was that even receiving the attendance digest would not meet their needs for seeing the attendance data they needed for their groups. So, we created a number of group attendance summary views using the Dynamic Data Block and SQL. Now, the responsible pastor can see group attendance and trends by group and/or group member, as well as attendance notes over time. The campus pastor can see these same things rolled up to the campus level. We give them visual cues with icons/color to focus their attention on possible issues. The ability to see this data real-time is one arrow in the quiver of detecting possible shepherding issues. Nothing replaces one on one, personal communication. But, as churches grow in size, this is one way we have been able to make big church feel small. You don't have to know the technical aspects of what I am showing to get something out of this presentation. Your SQL/Rock person can do that when you get back! Come see what Group Attendance Summaries can do for your staff and members!

Kicking WordPress to the Curb

Courtney Cooksey

Are you struggling to manage two different websites? Do you find yourself updating event and staff information in multiple places? At The Crossing we realized how much time was spent trying to keep Rock and our external WordPress site in sync and made the decision to move everything into Rock. In this session you will learn what it looks like to migrate a WordPress site to Rock and the benefits of doing so. Because nothing is ever as easy as it seems, you’ll also get an insight into the mistakes we made and lessons we learned during this transition so you can do better.

HTML 101

Courtney Cooksey

Do you get nervous editing the HTML in Event Registrations? Do you struggle to get your email templates to look just right? In this session we’ll go over the basics of HTML so you can feel confident in all the places Rock allows HTML editing.

On-Premise Hosting a Test Environment Using Production Data

Derek Mangrum

I will share with you how Central hosts a Rock test environment using a copy of our production database. We will look at the hosting environment and the scripts used to copy the web and database pieces to create a "RockTest" instance.

Six Secrets to Go From Rock Zero to Superhero

Jim Michael

This session will demonstrate some of the things I’ve learned over the past five years of being a “Rock Star”, from keeping our system running well to participating in community. There’s no magic, just effort and a willingness to put in the time.

Onboarding & Offboarding Using Project Management

Eddie Holeman & Tiffany Bunney

Having an effective and successful onboarding/offboarding process relies on effective communication and useful tools. This session will show you how Fellowship Greenville developed a system which uses Rock workflows and the Project Management Plug-In to automate the creation of projects and tasks that are assigned to specific staff, to ensure nothing will be missed or forgotten.

Harnessing Your Most Valuable Asset: Data

Tim Dear

I will be discussing Pinelake’s journey from our previous church management system to Rock. The previous state of our data and how we have extended Rock to be our single source of truth for all ministry data. I’ll discuss lessons learned such as avoiding the trap of trying to match previous system functionality over having data drive the functionality. I call this Data over Function.

From Paper to Pure Automation: How We Transformed Our Volunteer Onboarding Process

Leah Jennings

Have you ever found yourself looking at a manual process, just feeling like there was a better way? We did, too! So we took our paper volunteer process and completely transformed it into a full stack of automation in Rock, which we call our ServeFinder. After this session, you'll leave inspired by what Rock is capable of, curious about how you can use a variety of tools to transform your own processes, and equipped with information on how to implement this in your own organization.

Utilizing Data Views to Empower Ministry

Steven Kelly

Data Views are a powerful tool within Rock RMS. There are many different ways Data Views can be utilized to help empower our ministry teams from creating Connection Request, sending Communications, or something as simple as setting a Person Badge. In this session let's take a look at various methods Data Views can be used within Rock RMS.

All Things Missions Trips

Catie Pershing

A deep dive into Fundraising Opportunities in Rock, from core functionality to various ways to extend and add to the functionality for an all-in-one solution to managing Missions Trips.

Opportunities in Web3: How We Can Utilize Rock to Make The Most of Cryptocurrency, NFTs and Other Blockchain Technology

Brian Davis

We'll do a brief overview to demystify blockchain technology in general as we discuss its inherent pros and cons. We'll also dig into how you can use this tech today to collect payments and engage your congregation. You might even walk away with a free NFT. :) We'll then finish up by forecasting how this technology could be used in the future in some pretty impressive ways.

Migrating Your Giving to a New Platform

Bayne Hulburt

Few things are more stressful on the administrative side of your staff than migrating your giving to a new platform. We have done it twice in the last 4 years and want to help you navigate this process if it is something that your team is considering.

Crashing and Burning: Best Practices Learned through Critical Failures

Bayne Hulburt

Have you ever sent an email to 8,000 recipients from your Executive Pastor and the from address was the Children’s Pastor – WE HAVE! Have you ever accidentally spawned 1,400 duplicate records because of a missed detail on an Event Registration – WE HAVE! Join us as we air out our dirty laundry and hopefully help you from replicating any similar mistakes.

Going from a Single Campus to Multi-Campus in Rock

Austin Spooner

There are many things to consider when going from a single campus structure to a multi campus structure in Rock. From how groups and reporting are structured, to managing our website and mobile app. Learn about what paths we went down, what worked well for us, what areas we struggled with. While there is no blueprint that will work for everyone I hope you can learn from our experience.

Where’d You Go?, Using Connection Requests to Create an Absentee Follow Up Process

Kevin Wishard

At LCBC Church we have a fantastic Adult checkin culture, This allows us to make a connection to you in a personal way and can make our church feel like a community. What happens though when someone doesn’t check in for some time? Take a look in to how LCBC uses Connection Requests, Workflows, and Jobs to create an absentee follow up process that is easy for staff to use and engaging for your church community.

No Web Developer? No Problem!

Danielle Vos

How a non-developer can improve their Rock instance. Tips and tricks to customize your Rock instance when your church doesn't have a web developer.

Let Me Tell You How Much I Lava Check-in Labels

Michelle Boyd

Our Children and Student departments heavily use person attributes to track volunteer processing requirements. See how we use Lava to pull key attributes to display on Check-in labels. You will see the power of Merge Codes used in Lava statements for Check-in and labels.

Help Your Ministries Fall in Love with Rock Again

Brandi Myszkowski & Sena Brickwedel

Do your Ministries know about all the features and functionality available to them and where to find them in Rock? Bring visibility and cohesion while improving the ministry user experience and buy-in by creating Team Pages that function as a one-stop shop. Learn how to build out sectioned team pages that house links to their reports, tutorials, custom analytics, metrics, ministry-specific connection requests and more.

Get it Done in Half the Time

Brandi Myszkowski & Sena Brickwedel

Do you get non stop requests from your pastors, ministries, campuses, finance, HR, etc..? Do you often struggle with prioritizing your long list of project requests? We did, but once we started using Scrum, everything changed. Learn how Scrum can help you and your team get it done in half the time. You don't have to be an expert or a certified Scrum Master to pull it off. There are a few key practices you can start doing to see real progress in getting things done quickly.

Note Type Attributes: Enter & Organize Notes in the Easiest Way

Jason Jones

Have you ever wished for a better way to track and categorize notes. Maybe LifeChange Stories, Registration Notes or Financial Notes? Our church was really looking for a way to report on Life Change Stories already in the database. This new core feature in Rock can help track, store and report on notes in your database, giving your church the ability to celebrate all of the many stories!

Extinguishing a Dumpster Fire: A Data Strategy Overhaul

Frank Grand

Going to talk through a dataview and reporting strategy revamp that we went through in the past 6 months. We think it's a great way to organize and keep on top of a sustainable data strategy.

Database Spikes Don’t Have to Spike Your Anxiety

Thomas Stephens

When you notice a spike in CPU usage on your web server or a spike in your DTUs on Azure SQL, you don’t have to panic. There is an easy check list that can get you on the path to finding the issue.

Chiseling Rock to Meet Your Team’s Needs

Lora Catoe

Rock provides a firm foundation for your church’s data and processes. The pandemic revealed how Brookwood Church was under-utilizing the features that make Rock extensible. Learn some of the features they implemented, how they empowered end-users, and increased productivity.

A Rock Reporting Journey

Peter Sanders

From ministry, to metrics, to BI, and everything in between, join us as we explore the vast Rock data reporting toolkit and TPCC’s journey to turn data into insight and action with these tools. Walk with us through our reporting suite as we dig into how metrics, data views, SQL, and Power BI are harnessed to equip our staff and leadership with tools and information to maximize Kingdom impact.

Building an Application Process in Rock

Luke Bennett

We’ll show you how we made use of the Workflows and Connection Requests features of Rock to process hundreds of job applications per month, including background checks, reference requests, and internal sharing.

Personal Connection: Making a Big Church Feel Personal

Gerry Miller

LCBC staff and volunteers personally reach out to 25,000 people every eight weeks through text, phone calls, and cards to check-in. This presentation will share the why, the success stories, reporting, and technology behind our personal connection process. Including the dashboards, workflows, geofences, and processes that make it all possible.

Getting the Right Message to the Right Person: Dynamic Content-Channel Driven Communications with Persisted Datasets

Brian Kalwat

One of the challenges we've worked on at NewSpring Church over the past year has been developing a way to consistently send excellent communications to people across 14 different locations, and deliver campus-specific information that is meaningful and relevant to them on a local level. This session will go over how we are utilizing Persisted Datasets and Content Channels to aggregate campus-specific news items submitted by campus staff into a single communication that goes out to all of our subscribers every Monday.

Living on a Prayer

Mike Mundy

Want to learn how to take Rock’s built-in prayer system to the next level? Discover how we are utilizing this feature and making a major impact in our church. You will learn how to setup and implement the prayer system along with a few additional features we have added to make it even better. We will even provide a sample PDF and video guide we put together to train our Prayer Team Members!

E-Sigs and Rock: A Guide to Creating, Signing, and Storing Documents in Rock

Brandon Wilson

In this conversation, we will dive into how documents intended for electronic signature are created, signed, and stored in Rock. We will also talk about how documents can be used for group requirements using the new core data view filter for document types and how the Lava to PDF plugin (which is a great paid addition to add to core functionality) can be used to make documents beautifully styled and easily accessible on person profiles.

Managing Rock Vendors

Myles Svendsen

Your relationships with your vendors are crucial to the success of your Rock implementation.  So how do you ensure that you select the right ones and that you are maximizing your results once you start working together?  In this session we'll explore some of the benefits and challenges of working with Rock vendors and identify some best practices that you can implement to assure success as you manage your vendors.

Lightning Round 1: Wizardless, Editable Email Templates

Myles Svendsen

Has your staff ever wanted to automate sending pre-written emails?  Piece of cake with Rock, sure!  But our staff threw in a couple of twists: they wanted the option to manually edit each email before it was sent, and they didn’t want to use the Communication Wizard.  The plot thickens…  In this session, we'll cover how we leveraged the power of workflows, Lava and groups to seamlessly add this wizardless, editable email template functionality to our system.

People Do Not Care About Everything

Scott Ballard

We will explore together how Rock RMS is much more than a database of contact information and how you can use it powerfully. Whether your website, your app or C all of the above, you can set up Rock to work for you and not against you. Shhh...Stage Announcements aren't the greatest thing on earth.

Lipstick on a Pig...Err, I Mean Lobster

Scott Ballard

Rock RMS is amazing...but even if you put lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig. It's crucial to define processes with your staff teams and ministries before you implement Rock so that what you're starting with is in good shape. In this session, we will walk through the do's and don'ts of rolling out Rock to your staff.

Increasing Employee Engagement with Rock

Tina Stephens

You are the biggest fan of your database because you know what it can do. How do you get employees at your church or organization actively using Rock? How do you meet the demand of keeping staff trained and informed? I will share how our Rock team, over three years, developed ministry relationships and increased positive engagement with Rock. I will talk about the importance of a team philosophy and how it comes through our training, the fun we have, and the results we see.

People Engagement and Photo Booth Fun

Kurt Vogeler & Terri Townsend

At Trinity Fellowship, we are always looking for new wars to engage and interact with attendees and guests. People love photo booths, so we created a way to use a SMS Pipeline and workflow to text people their photos after scanning a QR code. Through the phone number capture, we were able to gather contact info for new people and confirm existing people's contact infor. New people have a connection request created for follow up. Additional benefits are a gallery of pictures for the event and future promotions.

One Way to Digitally Disciple People with Rock's Tools

Tim Lemons

Learn how we combined content channels, interactions, badges, and streaks to encourage our church to read through the whole New Testament together in 90 days.

So You Want To Rock? How?

David Belk

For years, we wrestled with the challenge of getting staff to use technology to better know our people. Our biggest challenge was finding one system to keep all data in one place. We became very good at collecting data, but we were terrible at using our systems to ease our workload, better understand our people and know how to shepherd them. Moving to Rock had been a goal of Venture Church for over 6 years. This session will cover our journey from Rock being just a vision, to being fully moved to Rock within four months of beginning the process. Hear our heart and WHY behind making the move. We will discuss talking to leadership, best practices in switching, training, empowering, and challenging staff, building a team to develop and support Rock as well as much more.

Got Questions? Interactions has answers.

Amy Fewkes

Many of you know that interactions can be used to answer questions about how your website is used. Interactions can also be used to answer questions such as “Is my prayer team viewing prayer requests?”, “Which communications cause the most unsubscribes?”, “Who has viewed a form but never completed it?”, and many more. Come to this session to learn about the goldmine of data stored in interactions and how to use it.

Using Lava Shortcodes to Build a Volunteer Onboarding Portal

Brent Pirolli

We’ll cover what Lava Shortcodes are, how to create them, and why you’d want to do so. We’ll look at a real life example of how they can be used for a self-service portal attenders can use to see what requirements they have or haven’t met for various serving areas, and what their next steps may be to get plugged in.

The Model Map and Lava

Mark Wampler

Launching a Workflow from a registration, or printing a label from check-in and wondering what you have access to in Lava?  The Model Map is where you go to see what you do and don’t have access to.  Learn how to understand the Model Map and access properties and entities with Lava.

Empower Your Teams to Easily Create Beautiful Emails, Link Pages and QR Codes In Rock

Randy Aufrecht

In this session the ONE&ALL team will demonstrate how you can replace third party tools like Linktree, QR Code builders and Mailchimp with tools built directly into Rock. These Rock tools have allowed ONE&ALL to save money while avoiding data silos and empowering their ministries to create on-brand high quality content.

Best Practices for Scaling Rock

Jon Edmiston

This session will cover how to think about scaling modern systems. These high-level concepts, while definitely Rock focused, will apply to any technology stack.

Check-In Celebrations & Labels: How Do You Get Kids to Engage?

Brad Erb & Lee Peterson

A short tour of Rock Streaks, Achievements, and Celebrations, and how they can help your ministry encourage kids (and adults!) to engage.

SQL Best Practices

Cullen McCoy

An overview of some best practices to help make your SQL clean, consistent, and performant.

What To Do When Things Go Wrong

Jon Edmiston

In this world there will be problems. Learn how to tackle complex problems whether they be technical issues in your environment, or simply a problem with your garage door opener.

Markup Foundations and Utilities for a Rock Powered Website

Eric Rivera

Rock these styles! In this session we will be looking at the markup and styling foundations built into Rock that can take your website design to the next level.

Advanced Email Layouts and Design

Garrett Johnson

This session is a deep dive into how to create responsive emails that take advantage of the full power of Rock while embracing the unique quirks of email. We’ll cover coding techniques to build emails that work across email clients, tools to make your life easier, and some tricks you can implement today to help create emails people love to open.

Making the Most of Your Data and Systems: Rock and Tableau Integration

Amber Smart

Church management and data systems are great, if you know how to use them well and align with your church's mission. But how do you know if you are getting the most out of your tools? Could you use them differently to fuel your church and mission? In this session, you’ll learn best practices to optimize a Rock and Tableau integration. You’ll learn how to make both platforms perform at their peak and how to deliver world-class, self-service analytics to your ministry leaders. Session leader Amber Smart will teach you how to connect Rock and Tableau, show you what data and informed decision making is possible by harnessing the power of both platforms, and demonstrate how to build a Giving Analysis dashboard to help you understand giving by time, method, new givers, and more.

Navigating Rock’s Communication Options

Bob Rufenacht

Rock has lots of options and building blocks for communicating with your church community, but most churches struggle to get their message heard. How do you use Rock effectively to get your message across? How do you make the right choice and what are some of the issues that arise when wrong options are used?

Going Deeper with Workflows: Best Practices

Michael Garrison

Dig into designing workflows! First, we'll talk about some dos and don'ts, some v13 features that got added and then take a look at how workflows actually behave when activating different activities. With that information, we'll discuss what it means for navigating back and forth between multiple forms and give you some tools for improving the User Experience of the forms you design. Finally, we'll equip you with some tools for adding flexibility to your workflows.

Guided Community Discussions

Luke Taylor

Guided Community Discussions

Luke Taylor

Guided Community Discussions

Luke Taylor

Guided Community Discussions

Luke Taylor

Guided Community Discussions

Luke Taylor

State of Rock

Emily Forman Jon Edmiston & Michael Garrison

Hear from senior leadership at Spark Development Network who will present the annual State of Rock update.

Building with Entity Documents

Shawn Ross

Go deeper and explore how Rock's file types work, what Entity Documents are, and the creative flexibility they give your organization. After diving in to these pieces we'll explore and walk through ideas for using entity documents in examples (some good examples, some things you should not do).

Connect with Personalization!

Tommy Prater

Learn how we set up areas of our website and mobile app to reach different sets of people. From being a first time visitor, to an attendee then for someone on the Dream Team. Make it feel like the website and mobile app was set up just for them.

Lightning Round 1: Search for Admin Settings Recipe Demo

Tony Visconti

Do you relish at the regular opportunity to scour through two three maybe four unsort settings page lists. Sorry this class probably isn’t for you. We are going to take a quick look (lighting quick that is) at how to add a “Search All Admin Settings” page. Say goodbye to scouring, say hello to locating the settings you need lickety-split. This session will be geared towards beginners who would benefit from seeing the recipe implemented step by step.

Digital Photopass Powered by Rock

Jeremy Czarnecki & Stephen Cracium

Learn how Shepherd Church uses rock as a self-service Photopass style system. The Media team takes photos and gives the member a card with a barcode, they upload the photos to rock and the member can then go to a site to download the photos. We use a lightroom plugin to name the photos in bulk and a rock workflow to upload and distribute the photos to each member.

Lightning Round 2: Play YouTube Videos In Your Rock App

Andrew Todd

Massive YouTube library or Rock App? Why not both?

Lightning Round 3 - Wow! I wish I could make Rock do THAT!

Kelly Kurz & Marlene Abbey

Have you wished you only had one database system in your church? Do you have a ministry that has that "special" software program they must use? Rock can be customized to be the powerhouse database you always dreamed of.

Lightning Round 2: Lapsing Volunteer Follow Up Process

Frank Grand

Our church wanted to put more focus and accountability on keeping our volunteer rosters accurate and having touch points with volunteers who may be on their way out of their teams. We used a connection campaign and some core Rock jobs to create a process that's easy for our staff to keep up with and allows for easy accountability.

Lightning Round 3: Customizable Group Schedule Emails

Gordon Arber

While transitioning from Planning Center to Rock for group scheduling, it was important to our Ministry Leaders that they didn’t lose the ability to edit the emails they were sending with the confirmation emails. I will be going into detail about the choices we made to accomplish that.

Lightning Round 1: Thinking Outside the Block

Chris Funk

A brief demo of how to integrate your Rock instance with an external application.

Lightning Round 2: A Tool for Team Leaders

Jason Harvey

Keeping up with your team’s connection requests can be challenging, especially as you increase your team size or the number of connection opportunities your team oversees. Having one place where supervisors can go to see how well their team members are keeping up with their ministry or administrative tasks can help ensure that everyone stays on the same page and provides support where it is needed most.

Lightning Round 3: Application Process Automation

Melissa Drexler

Learn one way to create an application process using Workflows, Connection Requests, and Event Registration. Automation comes into play by updating connection requests with activities for forms and payments, plus updating statuses to show applicant progress. We’ll even use tokens to help automatically log applicants in for ease of use!

Keep Your Congregation Engaged With Automated & Personalized Content

Brian Davis

This session will include a demonstration of two different systems ONE&ALL has used to keep their congregation engaged. The first system creates automated emails, text messages and connection requests on a pre-set schedule to ensure that no one falls through the cracks. The second system creates a curated feed of content for each person based on their demographics, life stage and involvement that can be shown on the website, mobile app or via email. Using this feed you can ensure that the content that you are delivering is always relevant and actionable to the viewer.

App In A Snap with Rock Mobile

Jay Nestle

Building your first app might be easier than you think... using Rock Mobile! This crash course will explain everything to need to get started including app creation, layouts, styles, blocks, components, and some tips and tricks with some time for Q&A at the end.


Mark Moore

RX2022 Closing

Emily Forman & Jon Edmiston

Finding Nemo

Greg Wiens

We will demonstrate how do you use the TrueWiring instruments within Rock to clarify a person call. We will do this by debriefing Jon Edmiston and Emily Forman in front of the group. If you think you know them now, wait to see what the instruments show about them. You will see in real time the power of the instruments in the hands of someone who understands how to interpret them. You will also learn the questions to ask to see how the scales from one instrument inform the scores on other instruments.

Check-In Management Made Easy

Jonathan Anderson

How a very small IT team manages check-in devices remotely using Rock and other opensource applications. Aka, Raspberry pi project at church!

Rock-Powered Apple TV Apps

Jon Edmiston

Take a high level tour of the latest, just-released digital ministry tool. In a no frills authentic presentation pulled directly from the core development queue, you'll see cross-platform engagement magic like you've never before imagined.

NextGen Rock Discussion

Jon Edmiston

Join this open discussion about the technical details and progress of the NextGen platform of Rock.