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Make an Application Process Applicant-Driven instead of Admin-Driven

Melissa Drexler

There are normally several steps in an application process, and likely they require staff or admin help throughout the process. To save time, learn how to use multiple features chained together to create some automation! We'll be using connection requests, workflows, and event registrations.

Rock 101 - Choosing the Correct Hosting Solution for Your Church

Austin Spooner

Learn how to choose the best hosting solution for your church's RockRMS. As a church, it's essential to have a reliable and efficient hosting solution to run your RockRMS software smoothly. In this session, we will discuss the three main options: on-site hosting, cloud hosting, and managed hosting by a Rock partner. We will explore the benefits and drawbacks of each option and provide tips on how to make an informed decision based on your church's unique needs and budget. By the end of the session, you will have a better understanding of which hosting solution is best for your church's RockRMS.

Unlocking Digital Strategy

Greg Reade

The digital transformation of our churches presents a complex yet rewarding challenge. In this breakout, we'll delve into the intricacies of digital ministry, centering on the heart of our mission: understanding and meeting the needs of our congregation. Together, we'll discover how aligning your church’s core strategy with your digital approach can create meaningful connections and foster a thriving online and in-person community.

How to Make Volunteer Onboarding Work For You

David Axelson

Onboarding volunteers onto ministry teams can be a lot of work. In this session, we'll talk through how we built a system that leveraged Rock automation to move toward a seamless, unified volunteer onboarding process. We'll talk through the guts of the process (Connection Opportunities, Workflows, and Group Requirements) as well as how to adapt this system for different ministry needs.

Decoding Obsidian: Exploring the NextGen Rock Technology

Daniel Hazelbaker

Dive deep into the technical realm as we bring you exclusive insights into the core team's progress in the development of Obsidian, the next generation technology for Rock RMS. Expect an advanced review of the progress and architecture of Rock's future framework.

Who Are We Missing? Leveraging Rock to Keep Up with Our People.

Jason Harvey

As a church grows, it can become increasingly challenging to keep up with every person. Fortunately, using Rock, it is possible to create a process to keep up with just about anything! At our church, we have invested a lot of time and resources into leveraging a variety of Rock features including Attendance History, Connection Statuses, Jobs, Workflows, Connection Requests, Dashboards, and most recently Power BI. These tools have been essential for helping us catch people before they are out the door, and they provide us with better visibility and accountability to make sure we are not missing anyone.

Build a Strategy to Strengthen Your Staff Engagement

Kelly Day

Maybe you're brand new to Rock, or maybe you want to recalibrate the way you equip your new and existing staff members. We've been in production since June 2019, and through a process of trial and error, have established a simple and effective training method to give entry-level understanding to all employees, deep-dive training for specific user needs, and empower Super Users. Come explore ideas that may help your staff engage and unite in the basics of your ministry tools, work smarter-not harder, and further enhance your team culture that learns and grows together.

Self-Service Volunteer Sign-up Portal Powered by Rock

Stephen Cracium

We created a Self-Service Volunteer Sign-up Portal that will email the volunteer group leader upon sign up and give the group leader a toolbox (similar to the leader toolbox) to manage their volunteer group.

Data Organization, Structure and Strategy: Using Rock and Power Bi

Frank Grand

We wanted our data and reporting to be Accurate, Consistent, and Automated to best serve our ministries at NewSpring Church. We'll talk about how we are doing that with PowerBI and 'core data sets'.

5 Questions I Always Get Asked About Moving to Rock

Adam Hann

I get the unique opportunity to interact with a lot of churches that are considering moving to Rock. I love jumping on calls or meeting in person to discuss features, requirements, etc. I almost always get asked the same set of questions. So, in this session, I’ll address five questions (plus a few bonus ones) you are probably asking now if you are considering moving to Rock. The goal will be that you can walk away with answers to your questions and potentially a new way of thinking about how technology can serve the Church.

Volunteer Onboarding & Equipping

Jason Jones

In this presentation you will be given a way to fill a gap when onboarding new volunteers. This presentation will show you how CedarCreek Church equips volunteers on new teams or in new roles with resources to lead well, such as system permissions & training.

Fast and Furious - Rock Launch

Marlene Abbey

Are you getting ready to launch Rock? For a clean transition from your previous database to Rock I would suggest that you make the transition "Fast and Furious". With the right planning, this method will be the least painful, least time consuming and most effective for your team. I will list out key steps to a successful transition and make you a Rock star.

WOW Awards

Derek Mangrum

Central's WOW Awards is a staff-driven recognition and appreciation program. The program lets us minister to our staff, enhance staff culture, and bolster our staff core values. This presentation will share the heart behind the program as well as the technical details of how we implemented it.

Farewell Custom Software, Hello Rock Solution!

Heather Judd

Are you relying on custom software to accomplish critical tasks in your people and data-management workflows? North Point Ministries definitely has been...but there's change on the horizon. Our custom-built software tool for managing application forms is nearing end of life. With BEMA's help, we've leveraged Rock's native features to create a tool for applicants to access and complete application forms, then have staff vet and manage those applications using Rock's Connections features. While we are still in the process of final testing and rollout, this change will help us sunset both an aging codebase and the time and budget required to maintain it or build another custom tool from scratch. We'd love to share what we've learned with you through this process of leaning more heavily into Rock's native features!

Stacking Rocks: LCBC's Move to an All Rock Stack

Gerry Miller

In ten month’s LCBC has gone all in on Rock. We’ve consolidated our CMS, TV Apps, and Mobile App into Rock to serve as the foundation of our digital ministry. This is our journey of stacking rocks.

Simple Training Process for Volunteers Using Steps

Tiffany Bunney

Have you ever needed a simple training process for volunteers to complete certain tasks before they begin serving? We have come up with a video training process for our student volunteers which uses steps and workflows to get this done. This makes a streamlined approach for staff to know where a person is in the process.

The Staff Location Board

DJ Grick

Sometimes when you have multiple offices along with staff that can work from home it's hard to know where someone is on any given day. Good Samaritan Services solved this problem with a simple board that shows where each of there 35 staff members are working on any given day. See how we used workflows, reports, jobs, and the Dot Chart Visualizations Plugin to achieve this task.

Lightning Round 1: Registration Payments Made Easier

Andrew Todd

If your church has a preschool, or a lot of paid events, this short and simple Lightning Round is for you! I will be showing how we made it easier for people to identify when they owe money, which registration(s) they owe on, and where they can make payments or set up recurring payments.

Lightning Round 2: Documentation Tool "Scribe"

Mark Wampler

Learn how Scribe can help you document your processes for your end users with ease.

New to Rock and Have Questions? We *Might* Have the Answers!

Frank Grand & Matthew White

Are you new to Rock? Did you launch and immediately second-guess a decision you made? So did we! You supply the questions and we'll share what we've learned -- the good and the bad.

What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You

Scott Ballard

We all can agree that the power and possibilities of Rock are truly limitless. Just like most tools, if you don't know what they are used for, you can and will do some damage.

Lightning Round 3: Vanquish the WYSIWYG with Structured Content

Jay Nestle

Harness the power of Structured Content channels in web, mobile, and TV apps to level up your formatted content.

S.E.R.V.E. Strategies: Leverage Rock to Recruit, Retain and Release Volunteers

Sena Brickwedel

Experience a walk-thru of how we apply Rock to build out our S.E.R.V.E. model to select, equip, relate, validate, and empower volunteers by combining the functionality of connection requests, steps, surveys and workflows and job automation.

Journey to the Rock and Beyond

David Belk

Are you considering taking the journey to implementing RockRMS but do not know where to start? We will provide an overview of what steps we took to move from our former church management systems to using RockRMS as our one source of data and why. We will overview our journey to moving our giving platform, app and our current project, the website so that all of our data and processes are the most usable and effective.

ONE ANOTHER – Tools to Find and Reach the Lost (and Found)

Catie Pershing

Did you know the phrase “one another” is mentioned more than 50 times in the Bible?? Scripture exhorts us to bear one another’s burdens, to encourage one another and to love one another. In a digital world full of screens, it’s easy to forget the impact of being face to face. In the next year, our church is setting out to minister one to another and to seek out the ONE. And so, we’re setting an audacious goal to meet face to face with over 12,000 individuals in our community. In this session, we’ll discuss how our Rock data actually inspired this audacious goal, and how we are utilizing Rock to build processes, workflows, reports and metrics to support our staff as they seek to love well, change lives (through Christ, of course) and minister face to face (one to another) with tens of thousands of people in our church, community and world.

Welcome Party - Of the People, By the People, For the People

Adam Rowe

To streamline Next Steps / Engagement for New Attendees at Red Rocks Church, we implemented a revamped new attendee engagement process called Welcome Party. Using check-in, SMS Pipeline, Metrics, and more we were able to reach our goals of making this process simple for new attendees and make the touch points feel more personal and friction free. In this session, you will learn why check-in was critical for kicking off the process, how mobile device formatting created simplicity, using data views to ensure follow up, and how to effectively use metrics to track changes.

Content Library Q&A: Unveiling an Evangelism Power Tool

Jon Edmiston

Learn firsthand the visionary potential of this innovative new Rock feature in a session designed to spark ideas and answer questions about the exponential impact of Church content. Find out how you can add value to this project while unleashing your congregation to share the Good News in their own networks.

Rocking Room Management

Lora Catoe

Does your church need a way to manage space and resources? When faced with an unknown future of their resource and facility management software, Brookwood Church made the jump to the Rock Room Management Plugin. Learn how they utilize this feature to plan for ministry programs and allocate resources for an entire fiscal year.

Streamline Event Check-in with QR Codes and Rock Website or App

Randy Aufrecht

Checking in to events using QR codes and the Rock RMS app/website streamlines the process, ensuring a quick and effortless experience for attendees. By simply scanning their QR code at the check-in table, guests can complete check-in swiftly and enjoy a seamless entry, while organizers can efficiently manage attendance with minimal hassle.

Streamlining Process While Tracking Success

Brandi Myszkowski

Do you have complex multi-step processes for onboarding new staff, volunteers, or students? We do. We will show you how we streamlined our application/enrollment processes for the ministry and implemented a portal for applicants to track their progress, understand the following steps, and take action rather than wait days, weeks, or even months for a response—providing transparency and increasing overall satisfaction and success rates.

Launching Rock

Tyler Vance & Mark Burleson

Are you ready to launch Rock at your church? Learn how we kept it simple and made it all about the people.

It's Time to Get Personal

Scott Ballard

Do you realize that you are sitting on a ministry gold mine? This isn't about tracking that your people are looking for a new washer & dryer, a new tv or some other product. They are looking for an opportunity to plug-in, to grow in their walk with the Lord, to be known. The scary part in all this, they can still be missed if you aren't intentional with your use of Rock.

A Few of Our Favorite Plug-ins

Amy Fewkes

The Rock Shop has over 100 options to expand the capabilities for Rock. Learn how The Compass Church has utilized these plug-ins to increase productivity and support our ministries. Project Management, Room Management, PDF Toolkit, and a few more of our favorite plug-ins will be discussed.

Case Study: Launching Purpose Church

Jason Jones

In this presentation we will review what it looks like to have launched Purpose Church in Goodyear Arizona. A new church launch from the ground up using Rock as a backbone for the church.

From Numbers to Nudges: Transforming your Data into Actionable Data

Bayne Hulburt

Let’s not just stare at reports and high five in the conference room when we look at the data. Let’s use our data to measure where our people are, so that we can meet them where they are. Let’s transform our data into actionable data that leads to next steps for our staff as well as the people we are hoping to increase engagement with.

How to Use Rock Mobile to Engage Live Audiences

Lisa Korrect

Thanks to a brand new feature in Rock Mobile, our churches now have the opportunity to spark engagement in a new way by utilizing real-time interactions during weekend services. We'll demonstrate some of the ways The Crossing is using this feature to bring innovation and two-way communication into our services.

One Way to Digitally Disciple People with Rock's Tools

Tim Lemons

Learn how we combined content channels, interactions, badges, and streaks to encourage our church to read through the whole New Testament together in 90 days.

Let's Hack Rock

Courtney Cooksey

Sorry, we're not really going to install malware on someone's Rock server. We're going to briefly look at how Rock handles security and how it can be exploited. The biggest threat your church faces is likely at the hands of your own team. From accidentally merging two people with separate user accounts to not regularly managing the security roles in your database you can't rely solely on software to keep your database safe. We'll take a look at how a few Google searches can give bad actors all the information they need to try and infiltrate your system and what kinds of procedures you should have in place to protect your system.

Metrics History & Maintenance via Lava Shortcode(s) – Including Dashboard Page(s)

Kurt Vogeler

Have you ever been asked something like... "Can you give me metrics on a Person Date (Attribute) or Step Started or Completed Date... and include some historical for comparisons... oh yeah and can you split it up by campus... and then keep those tracking so we can benchmark it going forward?" Just say "YES - today and today only, just for you, in our Rock Department we have a blue light special running on the metrics easy button !!!" In this session we'll show you how to set up historical metrics (& on going maintenance) on Person Attribute Dates or Step Dates via a Lava Shortcode. We'll set up some lava shortcode that allows you to pass it the ID of a person date attribute or the ID of a step item and the number of weeks (even years) back that you need to build out for your historical metrics. Once the history is built, you'll change the weeks back variable to a shortened time frame and the shortcode will then continue to maintain your metric data going forward. Whether you're organization has a single campus or multiple campuses, you'll define the campus(es) to track in a Global attribute and the shortcode will create "Metric Partitions by Campus" for one, some, or all of your campuses. If you or your team can copy/paste... in less than 24 hours you'll be ready to go with Person Date Attribute & Step Started or Completed metrics.

LCBC's On-Demand Partnership Process

Kevin Wishard

In this session we will walk through how LCBC Church was able to create a Membership process all On-Demand using a logged in experience on their website. This include the functionality of using Steps, Workflows and Media Views, and connection requests to present the ability to apply for Partnership.

Rock Apple TV Apps: Connecting The Church With The Couch

Gerry Miller

Learn how you can use a Rock Powered Apple TV App to connect with people on their Apple TV. Explore how you can create a personalized experience with live stream integration, on demand content for all ages, dynamic promotions, and more!

6 Years & Lessons Along the Way

Shawn Ross

Reflections and lessons I've learned over the past 6 years of using Rock. Learn what helped me at different points in my Rock journey, things I would do differently, the shortcuts I've used along the way, and resources that may help in your own Rock journey.

Speeding up Slow Dataviews and Reports

Luke Bennett

Have you ever added a Lava column to a large report and found it significantly slowed down your report? And then had to add another, and another? If you often find yourself writing slow or clumsy reports, here are a few strategies that might help.

Empower Your Serve Team: Leader Platform

TJ Peera

Are your ministry teams using multiple tools for scheduling, communication and training of serve team members/volunteers? Managing multiple tools can be a waste of resources and also a source of frustration and confusion. We found a better way by creating a tool that leverages Rock to align leaders, across ministries and campuses, towards a shared vision. This tool will help us to multiply and develop leaders, broaden our impact and create space for ministry specific training and development.

Harnessing the Power of AI in Rock RMS - Unlocking New Possibilities

Brian Davis

Discover the exciting potential of integrating artificial intelligence (AI) with Rock RMS. Learn how AI can enhance personalization, streamline administrative tasks, create content and improve decision-making, while exploring real-world use cases, challenges, and ethical considerations. Join us to unlock new possibilities in church management and drive innovation within your organization.

Be A Solution Finder

Tommy Prater

As leaders we are to be problem solvers. In this session we will discuss leadership principles how to be a solution finder combined with the power of Rock and the Rock Community.

Foreign Languages: Speaking IT and Ministry

Peter Sanders

In most churches, ministry and IT teams work and communicate in completely different ways. This creates plenty of opportunity for misunderstanding, confusion, and frustration. After sitting in both seats, I want to share what I'm learning about translating between ministry and IT and how our teams are prioritizing working together in clear and effective ways.

From URL to IRL: 5 Ways You Can Use Rock to Reach People Online and Get Them in Church

Anthony Alphin

What if I told you that there are thousands of de-churched people in your city who would come to your church... if you just used your database differently? That's exactly what's happened at our church. Over the last four years, we've developed a system that gathers new contacts online using simple inbound marketing techniques, and then uses funneling systems in our database to slowly and strategically invite them to church. In this session we will explain how you can turn URL browsers into IRL churchgoers, giving you everything you'll need to bring dechurched people to your church, where they can encounter the transforming love of Jesus.

All About Forms

Luke Bennett

Workflows, Connections, Form Builder, Digital Signatures, Plugins...there are lots of ways to build forms in Rock. Come get an overview of the various options and find out which option is best for your project.

Divine Algorithms: Navigating the AI Frontier in Ministry

Brian Davis & Jon Edmiston

Attend an interactive dynamic panel on this thought-provoking topic that delves into the realm of AI from a ministry point of view. Explore the vast opportunities and unique challenges presented by artificial intelligence, like leveraging AI-powered tools for enhanced outreach, personalized spiritual guidance, and community building, while addressing ethical considerations and ensuring the preservation of human connection and faith-based values in the digital era.

Selecting a Rock Payment Gateway

Tony Visconti

In this session we'll review College Church’s journey migrating to Rock and selecting a payment gateway. We also discuss some tips around negotiating pricing and assisting your accounting team with the selection process.

Removing Legacy Lava and Navigating the DotLiquid to Fluid Transition

Brent Pirolli

Over the years Rock has introduced two major "back-end" changes in code bases that can be difficult to understand if you aren't a developer. Yet some of this may fall on your shoulders to fix or parts of your site may stop working. No worries! Let's look at practical steps you can take to make sure you know how to find, identify, and fix outdated Lava so you are ready for the future and the speed boost these changes bring! **Note**: _The Fluid engine better matches the Shopify Liquid standard, so we believe any differences encountered in your Lava are worth correcting!_

Painting with Lava: Igniting Creativity with Dynamic SVG Image Generation

Jon Edmiston

Learn how to build dynamic svg files for interactive workflow experiences that will be fun for your congregation and staff. If you're looking for some super technical fun this conference, this is the session for you!

Rock Website: Streamlining User Experience Through Campus Selection

Crista Jardine

When we decided to move our website to Rock we wanted to be able to provide content based on campus selection. With the use of content channels we were able to provide a campus specific view by forcing a campus selection before navigating to other pages.