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Sermon Series page is empty after deleting the default series came with Rock

We are organizing the Sermon content this morning, and have decided the delete the 'demo' series that came with Rock template.

After we delete the series, now the page is no longer showing any series, including the series we have added. 

I have been looking around and unable to find a fix. Anyone can shed some lights?

Thank you.


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    Hi Levi! I'd suggest looking at the original demo series again and how it was set up. Check out that the content was Active, Approved, and Dated accordingly. It's usually best to leave all of the original Rock core stuff and copy it versus deleting. In this regard, simply deactivating the demo posts would've sufficed. 

    Also, you'll get much faster feedback by joining the active community on the chat server here:

    • Levi Tan

      Thanks! I’ve restored my backup and it is working fine for now. Will keep this in mind to keep the demo items in place by disabling them instead.