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Can't send SMS System Communications

Is there something hidden somewhere that controls system reminder communications to either allow/disallow SMS instead of email. I have SMS setup and I can send a regular communication and workflow communication via SMS and even though I've setup the SMS block on the system communication template it will only send them email and not the SMS even though the person I'm testing with has SMS communication preference. Any ideas? thanks

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    If you mean a reminder for being scheduled to volunteer? I do not think this allows for SMS reminders to be sent at all. I've tried to explore this as well for this system, and I do not think they allow it.

    There is a work around, however. Its a bit janky. But, using workflow triggers, you can have a workflow that will send an SMS message reminder anytime the system sends an email with A specific subject... so like "Reminder to volunteer", and than you make your workflow send the kind of text you want. You can also have the workflow check if they have SMS preference using Lava, before it does so 

    Unless they fixed this functionality at some point, I'm not sure they have though

    • Richard Sanford

      Thanks for the workaround tip Caleb...I got an answer on RocketChat that said that they thought the functionality only started with v13 and we are still on the meantime I will go your janky route LOL....

    • Caleb DeLaurentis

      Happy to help. Its good to hear this can be done in v13. I look forward to also upgrading to v13 and being able to use a built in solution! While I know how to maintain the workaround for myself, I shudder to think if anyone else ever wanted to change something in the future.