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Deleted Resources

I am having an issue where if I search on a specific resource under the Home>Rooms and Resources> Admin tools the resource does not display. This is correct as I am performing a cleanup activity and have personally deleted the resources. However, if I go to the Home>Rooms and Resources>Available Resources option the resources I deleted are still displaying. Has any one seen this behavior? Any ideas on how I can get both views to display the same information? 

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    Hi Adam! If you just performed some of these deletes then this may just be some of the lingering connections between tables and/or cache that gets cleaned up during the nightly Database Maintenance and Rock Cleanup jobs found in System Settings > Jobs Administration. You should be able to go to them and manually run each to see if it cleans up your search behavior issue.

    Also, since this is likely part of the CVV or Bema Room Management plugin.... you're better served if you ask this type of question directly in the #plugin-discussion or #troubleshooting channels to get a faster response, sometimes directly from the plugin authors!