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Prior Year Contribution Statements

A daughter called in, attempting to help her dad straighten out his finances after the passing of his wife. She asked for this years and last years contribution statements, but we noticed that when we pull him up, go to the Contribution Tab, scroll down to the box for Contribution Statements on the right side and click 2021, we only see the contribution statement for the person logged into Rock rather than the person whose profile we're currently viewing. So, for example, I'm looking up Arthur, I click on Contributions then 2021 Statement . . . and I see my husband and I's contribution statement instead. Do we have something set wrong or should we be going to a different place?

We're currently updated to Version 13.5.


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    Hi Carrie! I can help walk you through the changes needed for this. With the changes to the Contributions page on a person page. It'd be best for us to help you with the "live support" via. the chat page. I can send you a zoom-link there and walk you through the necessary steps to take.

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    What was the solution to this issue?

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    Hi, Jeremy! It was simple but multiple steps. Ben Murphy was able to talk me through it quickly and easily.

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    Can someone explain the actual solution to this issue. I looked at the linked information and it didn't make much sense. We also recently upgraded to version 13. We have a template that works for all other issues except when pulling internally for another person.

    • Ben Murphy

      I sent you an email if you'd like to connect on this topic. But basically there are newer blocks to display the contribution statements. This happened during Rock upgrades from v12 to v13. You'll need to switch out some blocks and check some settings on them in a few page areas (internally and externally).

      I did an RX presentation on Rock Contribution Statement in 2023. The Part 3 video explains what is happening.