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Attended Checkin

Our Checkin has a delay in between screens. The screen goes white before going to the next screen each time its prompted to do something. We have had our Tech check our SQL server and our network and we can't find any issues. W use Microsoft Pro and we are hardwired. Any ideas what is causing this delay?

  • Nick Airdo

    Do you have any other details you could add about your environment including: Kiosk hardware/OS version and browser version, SQL database version and/or DTUs (if Azure), location of webserver in relationship to the database server, etc.

    In general, the kiosk shouldn't show a blank screen unless something is severely underpowered or the like.

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    In addition to Nick's suggestions...

    Does anyone else encounter this lag? You didn't mention it so I can only guess the answer is no. If so, are they using the same devices as used for checkin? It would be interesting to see if you encounter the same blank screen when running check in on YOUR computer. If you don't have a touchscreen, you would revert to using a mouse for keypresses.

    If you are not also encountering this, I'd look again at the network or perhaps the antivirus/antimalware on the MS Pro devices.

    I hope that  helps,