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Group tree showing 'Group type not allowed' error even with 'allow any child group'

Hi, I'm using a small group section to categorise groups. I have set 'allow any group type'. 

I have set 'allow any group type' on the child groups I am adding to the small group section.

When attempting to add a new group, I get the complaint 'small group section does not allow child groups of type x....'

This happens only on one site.

If I do the exact same thing on the Rock site, everything works correctly.

I have set no constraints at all on the type of group the tree can display.

Can someone please help me?

Thank you!

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    Hi Knolly. I would double check the block settings for group detail. To do that, navigate to any group of that type, enable block settings and check them for Group Detail Right (the center top block). You shouldn't have any group types checked there.

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    Hi Steve,

    Wow! I never thought to look on the Group Detail block. The Group Type I was having trouble with was the only one ticked as an exclusion.

    Thank you sooo much for taking the time to help me. May God bless you abundantly

    Best regards