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Event Registration - select participants based on age on registration

We limit registrants on our Children's Ministry events to select age groups.  For example our summer camp for elementary age children is for 1st to 5th grade only.  Unfortunately, on the Event Registration Form, the select list for families shows all family members rather than only those who would fit into the appropriate age group.  As a consequence, parents inadvertently register children and pay for the camp in advance when they do not meet the age criteria.  We have to then refund the fee for those children who registered but were not of eligible age.  Where is the setting on the Registration form that would allow the registration to display only the children of eligible age?

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    Hey Deb, 

    I was reading through the Event Registration Documentation, and I'm not seeing any settings around restricting registration by the registrant's age. 

    One thing you could try to see if it helps is by adding an alert to the registration in the pre-HTML.

    Something like this: 

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    We have also added a question to registrations like this that list out the grades that are allowed to register and ask them to choose the grade for the child they are registering. It's not "full proof", obviously, but if you are registering an 8th grader and the only options are 1st - 5th grade, our thought was it might stop them from completing it. (It doesn't always stop them, but it has reduced the refunds we have needed to issue.) Our other issue is that we have children who are special needs. So their age is older than the grade they are actually in. So, if we put this question on the registration, we usually ask it in a way that indicates what grade their children's ministry or student ministry group is. Hope that makes sense!

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    We use a little work aroudn to accomplish this! 

    We don;t use the grade field on registration. We instead create a single select with the grades that we want to allow registration on so for your example we would use 1^1st,2^2nd,3^3rd,4^4th,5^5th in the single select registration attribute that we call Grade. 

    Then we have a workflow that takes that attribute and pushes it to the grade on the kids profile!