Resolution - This actually appears to be a one-off issue. I received other, similar emails, on they worked. The primary difference is I was checking from work the first time. I suspect they have their email configured to limit links (it's a government facility).

Short version - I got an email that my account was updated, and needs to be confirmed for security purposes. However, neither the "Confirm Account" nor the "Delete Account" boxes in the email work.

Longer Version - We're still in the process of setting things up, and I imported some users from EasyTithe. I wanted to see exactly how the Merge User option works, so I experimented on mine first. I got a warning about a high security user, and that the email was being changed. All that was fine, I continued the merge. Then the system completely logged me out, and when I tried to log in, I got a message that I needed to respond to the email mentioned above. However, I couldn't click on the links, so I was stuck. Fortunately, I kept the original admin user and pw, so I was able to manually confirm my account, but I'd like to fix this before we go live.