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media queries and header bar font color change

Good afternoon everyone! I hope all is well! I was wondering if anyone knew how to properly do media queries? i've put them after the original css code, like for bgoverlay, but for some reason, it refuses to change the way it should.. has anyone ever had that experience? pictures attached for reference

I've also tried changing the font color for the header block for navigation bar by this code: 

.navbar-inverse .navbar-nav>li>a 


color: #2b54A2;  <---

font-size: 18px;

and it was successful on most pages, except the one with the video.. I suspect it's the code when I tried copying the code from one page to a new page, and it gave me the same results. Any help is greatly appreciated, preferably for the background overlay more than anything. Much love and blessings always, and thank you for all you do!

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    Without a link to your page to see the code you have going on, I'm not 100% sure... I would suggest you try a different browser to see if it isn't an issue with your local cache, and to clear rock's cache (bottom right toolbar and click the "i" icon, then click the "clear cache" button) as some style info is stored in rock's cache.

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    Thank you so much Brent! I figured it out.. I had to put the media queries in a different block and/or at the bottom, and used max-width for it, and that seemed to have gotten it going. Keep being amazing in all you do!