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RockRMS / Azure / Liquid Error Thread was being aborted

Good morning everyone!

Today, we're seeing some error messages on our RockRMS instance - and our kids camp registration has somehow disappeared - within the last 24-48 hours.

Seeing "liquid error - Thread was being aborted."

Rock has been running with zero issues or updates for the last few months - there were no (intentional) changes made to our RockRMS instance - it's been pretty much auto pilot.

Quick research seems that it may be related to an ASP error. I don't think our web server has been restarted since I've been involved. I've got experience from Linux/Apache but not much with IIS/Asure. Can I simply restart IIS from the Azure control panel, or is there an order of operation?

Thanks for your time - learning much from the community!


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    Hey Bryan-

    I think that there’s an option to restart the VM from the Azure control panel, but I prefer logging in using Remote Desktop and restarting using the start menu… that ensures that Windows gets all the signals it needs to prepare, but ALSO lets you see any messages it needs to show you.

    Such as, for example, Windows Updates that need to be installed. If you haven’t restarted (or logged in, it sounds like) in months or longer, you should really install these updates too.

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    Thanks Michael!

    I discovered that after I restarted via the Azure control panel - although they claim that's supposed to fire things up in the right order - but I'm not versed (yet) in Azure and reading startup logs, etc. The database problem went away, thankfully. But I think It's time to have a Rock specialist have a peek at our instance, and make sure it's being backed up, etc.