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SMS Pipeline not working

*** NOTE ***

I tinkered with Twilio until I got this working.

Rock Version 14.2.

I am implementing SMS pipeline.   I have a simple one step reply installed which replies with a link to our web site.

I am getting no response when texting in the configured keyword.

We've been using Twilio for years and outgoing SMS messages still work.  I did add the webhook to the Request URL in Twilio.

I noticed the Manual refers to a "System Phone Number" that is not in my menu, only "SMS phone number".

Side note, Text to Workflow has suddenly stopped working also, hence my move to SMS pipeline.

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    Hi Wayne! When moving from the legacy webhook and beginning to use the newer SMS Pipeline versus the older text 2 workflow, there is a new webhook that must be added to your Twilio number(s). Did you confirm that you updated the webhook on your number in Twilio?

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    Hi Ben,

    Thank you for your response.  Yes, I added the SMS pipeline webhook among other changes and finally got it working.