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Content Page Broken?

Hi Folks!

I'm in need of some direction. We have a serious problem with our content page in ROCK. We're still on version 12.9, but I recently created some page header images, in the folder shown in the first image. While everything looks fine, when I click on any header image in that folder to attempt to edit it, i get not the editing window, i get the second image. Everything was fine on 5/24/23 when I created the header image, but sometime between then and now, something happened. We've done no updates. I restarted Rock and the issue persists. What's worse is that it's not just the header images it's everything in the Content folder. Nothing can be accessed and we get the same image every time we attempt to edit anything in the content folder. The actual external content on the site is working but it cannot be changed. Any help or thoughts would be deeply appreciated! Thank you!


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    After digging further, I discovered the resolution. Somehow, someone got into the Content Page configuration in Rock and modified the Detail Page to point to "External Site" rather than "Internal Homepage/Tools/Website/Content/Content Detail" where it should be. Pretty scary. I guess I'll be addressing who should and shouldn't have admin access.