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Google Authentication For External Site Login to Internal Login

I just got the Google authentication working so my members can use it to login to our website. I'm also hoping to be able to use this for my staff members that will be accessing both the external and internal sites, but how do I get them from the external to internal site? I tried to send a link to the internal site and have them use the gmail credentials they logged in with on the external site to login there, but the gmail credentials aren't working. Does Google authentication not work for the intranet? Or am I getting the username wrong?

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    If your internal and external sites share the same domain, then the logins should already just work. If a staff member is logged into the public site, then they should already be logged into the internal site, and vice versa.

    If the sites are on different domains, then you'll need to tell Rock that it's ok to share cookies across the domains. You can do that by editing the "Domain Login Sharing" defined type in Rock. More info can be found here: