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Zebra 620 series Issues with ROC000 Font

We recently upgraded some of our printers from Zebra 420d to ZD620 and ZD621. Since then, we've been having issues with the the icon fonts printing. For example, we have a Label Merge Field to print a heart when a child has a salvation date on their profile.  On the label, we have:


When we install the font, the printer does exactly what it's supposed to do -- print the heart. However, when we turn the printer off after services, it acts like it loses the font. We can still see the font installed on the printer utilities, but the printer will give us the 'd' that's in the MergeField code rather than the heart, and it will do so until we add the Install Icon Font again.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how to fix this? We currently have both Zebra 420 and 620/621 printers in use at several locations.

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    Hi Carrie,

    Can you place a label containing only


    on a check-in area and check someone in, please? This will print a label with a directory of the E: flash memory. It should list the Rock font. Turn the printer off and back on, then print another directory and see if the font is gone. I'd love to see a picture of the label.

    Is this happening only on the ZD620/621s? I'm curious -- usually the font is installed as "ROC000.FNT", not ".TTF". I wonder if this is different with the 620. Also, the core labels declare the font as "^CWZ,E:ROC000.FNT".  Does a core label behave differently than your custom label?

    Also, which "420" printers do you have? There were GK, GX, and ZD420s. Do they still work correctly and not lose the font?

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    Morning, Lee!

    I'm uploading a picture of the directories of two of our printers: A GX420d and a ZD621. I believe all of the 420s are the same model, but we also have a couple ZD620s sprinkled in.

    We've learned that the 420s use the FNT, but the 620/621s require the TTF. We've looked to make sure that the fonts are installing to the correct E Drive, and Zebra support added the identifier 'Z' that only seems to be picked up on the 620/621s.

    We did not have an issue when it was only the 420s with the FNT. But now that we are trying to get the 620/621s to work with the TTF, both the 420s and the 620/621s are losing the font when they are powered down.

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