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merge record timeout

We are now experiencing a timeout with any merge records. We are able to select the two records to merge and they show in the correct columns, and when we click on merge, it times out after a bit. there is no specific error associated.

where to now?

Thank you

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    This may or may not be what's causing your timeout, but we have been running into merge timeouts occasionally for a quite a while. We just recently finally tracked it down to our First Visit Date attribute. We have a pre-save workflow trigger set up on that attribute, and we're pretty sure that's what is causing the timeout for us.

    We found that if we delete the attribute values from both records, and then perform the merge, it works perfectly. At that point we just re-add the First Visit Date value to the newly merged record.

    So, you might check if any of the person attributes have workflow triggers set up for them.

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    Thank you Jeff,

    I have looked at our duplicate records and there is no attribute value that I can delete.

    there is an icon that has first visit date, but no way to edit it.

    Is there a specific location in the record that is editable?

    Thank You.


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    The first visit date is an attribute, so it can be found on the Extended Attributes tab of the person profile. 

    However, if you are experiencing the same issue we had, it could be any of the person attributes since the problem is caused by a workflow trigger that is set up for the attribute. You can check what workflow triggers you have set up on your system by going to Admin Tools > General Settings > Workflow Triggers. If you see a trigger for an Attribute entity, then that could be it. If you click on the trigger, you can find the ID of the attribute that the trigger is attached to.

    In our case we have a Pre-Save trigger set up on the first visit attribute, so that's why it helped us to clear out the first visit value before doing the merge.