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HTML Lava Caching

Greetings!  I'm still trying to get the hang of stuff.

I have updated my HTML cache to 1 to hope to be able to identify the changes but it seems my lava code is still getting cached on the HTML Content page.

 {% cache key:'newsletter-list' duration:'500' %}
                {% assign personId = CurrentPerson.Id %}
                {% assign groups = '' %}
                {% for Member in CurrentPerson.Members %}
                    {% if Member.GroupMemberStatus == 1 %}
                        {% assign groups = groups | Append:Member.Group.Name | Append: '=' | Append: Member.GroupMemberStatus | Append:', ' %}
                    {% endif %}
                {% endfor %}               
                {% assign groups = groups | Trim %}
 {% endcache %}

When I test this in the Lava Tester, the results show as expected and the changes are reflected in the test.

When I view this on my HTML content page, the changes aren't reflected.  Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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    Hi Mike, there is cache on the lava tag as you're showing, a cache setting on the HTML block, and another cache setting on the page itself. So you'd have to investigate the page settings. Lots of places to check!

    You'll get near real-time support from the entire Rock community on things like this if you join us in the chat, there's even a specific channel for Lava related questions here: