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I'm unable to start the app: The file '/Blocks/Security/LoginLegacy.ascx' does not exist.


 I've just forked the repo I followed the tutorial at

But when I'm running the project, I'm getting this exception:


I've already cleaned the DB and waited more than 10 minutes for the migrations being done.

Still not working.

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    Thank you David. I was able to fix this issue by adding a migration in which update the db poiting to the correct Login.ascx file.

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    Not sure if this helps, but I just ran into that issue when updating to 16.3. The legacy login block that would have been the default on the internal login page needs to be replaced with the obsidian one.

    I'm not sure what the best practice would be to fix this in your case. I've attached the code for the legacy blocks. I think you should be able to add these to the Blocks > Security folder and get the page to load. I'd swap the block out for the new one once you've logged in.