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A Dedicated New Home for the Rock Community

It’s no surprise, but Rock is growing. And as the community grows, so does the general interest in Rock.
All this growth means there is a greater need for a unique, specialized experience for both the engaged community and the organizations that are just beginning their exploration of Rock.

Bottom line: We’ve outgrown our website.

It’s time for a newly structured site with the right tools and the right content for both audiences. Actually, it’s time for two new sites.

Let us introduce site #1: The Marketing Site –
It’s the same web address with a new purpose. Dedicated specifically to those who are looking into Rock as a possible solution for their organization, the new website is a bright new way to introduce Rock for the first time. This site answers all the big questions about the product, the community and the model. It breaks down what’s involved to make a successful move to Rock.

We crafted this site to showcase the simple, practical power of Rock.

And now let’s meet site #2: The Community Site –
It’s a new site with an awesome new purpose. This site is the hub of the Rock community, and the perfect landing place for those who want access to the tools and the relationships that power their Rock experience. With a menu that features Ideas, Recipes, Q&A, Chat, volunteer opportunities, documentation, and more, this new community site is the hub of the real Rock experience.

We have been dreaming of this site for awhile and are thrilled to be able to roll it out for the benefit of this incredible community.

Sure, both sites are a redesign, and ones we’re excited about, however the specialized and personalized focus of each site will position the growing community for efficient, productive connection for a long time to come.