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Changes to Check In age ranges in v7.4

Rock v7.4 was released today, and thereʼs one change that is a really nice feature, but might also surprise you if you're not ready for it.

Previously on the Check In configuration, you had to specify very specific age ranges so that you didn't miss any kids. For instance, if you specified that one class had an age range of 2-3.9 and the next class had a range of 4-5.9, kids within a month or so of their birthday (876 hours or 36.5 days) would not be able to check in (since their age would be something like 3.95 years old, which isn't in either of those ranges).

Hereʼs the change in v7.4:
Now, check-in will carry to the upper end, not the lower end, of your specified range.

This means that you'll be able to specify a class which has an age range of 2-3 and it will include all children up to a heartbeat before midnight on their 4th birthday. (If itʼs clearer, a range of 2-3.9 or even 2-3.99999 will include exactly the same age range; the age ranges will now include all ages which start with the ranges you specify). Likewise, classes which should include children from 1.5 years of age up to (but not including) 2 years of age, will be able to have a range of 1.5-1.9, and (assuming your next class starts at 2 years of age) you won't have any gaps in your coverage.

Who needs to check their configuration?

Anyone who has specified the recommended 4-5 decimal places in the past (such as 1.00000 - 1.99999) is going to be fine without making any changes. Though you've now got the option to simplify your configuration a bit, should you choose.

But anyone who has configured an age range of, say, 2-3, needs to evaluate their configurations before installing v7.4. This kind of a configuration should now be changed to something like 2-2.9, which now means ONLY 2 year olds can check in to that room. (Yes, you can also use 2-2 and it would be exactly the same, but this is easier to explain).

An age range of 2-3 is now going to mean "anyone whose numerical age starts with 2 or 3" (or, expressed mathematically, 2<= age < 4)

I hope this helps! Jump into our Slack Channel (register here if you need to) if you have any questions about this!