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Podcast Episode 30 - Where's v7?

Whereʼs v7?

v7 was packaged for Alpha 2-3 weeks ago, and some bugs were found in the testing. We repackaged it this week, and our hope is that these are the bits that go to Beta in January

A few more things were added in the new v7 repackaging:
- Font Awesome 5 was released at the very last minute, so we thought we would spend the 15 minutes it would take to include that...but in the end we found that a LOT has changed. So it was a challenge to integrate it back into Rock. For instance, more than a hundred icons were renamed, and we don't want our developers to have to go back and update all their plugins and themes to the new names. Thereʼs a blog post up now on how we've handled this, and a new section in the documentation all about using Font Awesome 5.

The free version of Font Awesome is still free, you can still use Font Awesome 5 if you don't pay for it. But thereʼs a lot of motivation to get you to upgrade to the pro pack.

- Also, Sparkability Group was approached by a few churches to make some changes to the Statement Generator. And they were adamant that the whole community should have access to the new version, so itʼs been added to the Rock Shop as a plugin. It allows you to add pledges to the statements, and really aggressively reformat the template - now using Lava! Look for the updated documentation in the Finances manual. This will be included in the v7 update also, if you don't use the plugin under 6.10


Pre-registration is open and live!

We are taking all of the feedback from last year and lessons we learned as a team, and are redesigning the conference this year. One of the things we're changing is that we're going to offer very deep content for more of your team. This includes communications teams, and your church leadership, as well as the technical team members we've typically focused on. You're going to want to bring more people this year than you have in the past, so please budget accordingly! We are lining up industry-leading speakers for the conference so that your teams can hear about best practices from them, then we can turn right around and show you how to apply those immediately within Rock. This is going to be a hands-on high-learning experience for a lot of your teams.

The conference will be at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky, August 20-21


The first Rock'n Roadshow is coming up on January 17th - check out more locations and days at These are 2-hour free events for people considering making the move to Rock. But please do register so that the host churches know how much space to plan on.

Master Classes:

Three classes are presently scheduled- check them out at These are put on by the core team, and are incredibly valuable for churches already running Rock, but seats are very limited. So be sure to get registered early!


Sparkability Group

Sparkability Group has the tools and expertise to make your What-Ifs into reality. As the leading core developers of Rock RMS, and with more than 40 years of experience building ChMS, your challenges are our inspiration. Together we can build a Rock experience that is a perfect fit for your organization. We specialize in projects that impact core. Oh, and ask us about our specialty Arena migration packages!

Protect My Ministry

Protect My Ministry can help you fill the gaps in your risk management strategy. With thousands of ministries served across all fifty states we are committed to helping faith-based organizations maintain a safe environment, so they can focus on fulfilling their mission. Our processes, products and solutions have made Protect My Ministry the industry leader for church background checks.

Minecart Studio

Mine Cart Studio is the leading purveyor of Rock plugins. See our selection of fine extensions to enable your inner superhero. We offer a wide range of plugins to extend your usage of Rock.


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