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Surface Go, or No-Go?

It’s important to have the right hardware supporting your check-in kiosk to ensure a smooth and easy process. But there are lots of different platforms out there and it can be difficult to decide which one is the best fit. Lots of people like the iPad because it’s familiar and easy to use, and Windows is really nice but isn’t always great for check-in because you often need a big computer or device.

So, we took a look at the Surface Go from Microsoft to help the Rock community know more about it. After purchasing one ourselves and kicking the tires a bit, we’re happy to report that it’s a useful and cost-effective option for many organizations. And, of course, it works great with check-in. If you’re looking to change or upgrade your current check-in device, the Surface Go is definitely an option you should consider.

You can get the entry-level Surface Go starting at $399. That price level includes a 10” display, 64GB memory and a full version of Windows 10 Home. For comparison purposes, the latest Apple iPad starts slightly cheaper at $329, with a 10.2” display, 32GB memory and iPadOS. Of course the specs (and prices!) go up from there.

The extra $70 for the Surface Go compared to the iPad delivers twice the storage capacity and, more importantly to some, the ability to print labels via a USB connection, thanks to the full version of Windows. The entry-level Surface Go has a slightly smaller screen than the iPad, but the difference is almost negligible if you’re already receptive to using tablet-sized screens for check-in. If USB printing is important to you, then the Surface Go is your best option.