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There’s Always Room for Innovation

Since the beginning, which for Rock dates back to 2011, we've been driven by a passion to serve churches in new ways with cutting-edge technology.

A quick survey of the church management system landscape at that time, and still today, yields a startling lack of innovation. Just as surprising is the lack of openness. The lack of choices.

Since that beginning, the team at Spark Development Network has been calling for more. More innovation, more openness, more choices for churches.

Now eight years later, there are a few more choices on the horizon for churches to consider. A recent post from Jeff Hook about his reentry into the ChMS space asks the question, "Does the church market really need another church management system?" And to that we wholeheartedly continue to say, "Yes, the Church needs choices."

From payment processing platforms to full church management systems, the more innovation and competition the better. When there is no lock on technology, when there is no shortage of options to consider, churches will then be able to find the tools and prices they need to best power their ministries.

We welcome Jeff back to the privilege of serving churches with innovative technology. The church can only be better served by a wide range of technology options that are positioned to serve the many different needs of each organization. Does the Church deserve more? Yes.