Group Requirements and Roles

Group Requirements and Roles


(How do I add a screenshot?)

On the group requirements and apply to role-- it would b great if you could select more than one or EXCLUDE one. Our teens have different requirements than adults so I thought about adding a role of "Teen"-but I can't just exclude that role or select the other 2 roles on the group type.

Photo of Karen Norris Submitted by Karen Norris, Christ Chapel Bible Church  ·   ·  Group
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  • Jim Michael

    To add a screenshot, you must upload the file via the Image browser button in the editor, then choose the newly-uploaded file. Everyone has their own personal space on the Rockrms server for such files. Once the file gets inserted on the page, it defaults to 25% wide, which is usually too small. So go into code editor mode and change that 25% to at least 50%, but 75% is probably the best for most screen shots.