Allow Content Channels to Directly Link to Calendar Items

Allow Content Channels to Directly Link to Calendar Items


Content Channels are very cool, but they have some strange limitations. One obvious use of content channels would be as a way of broadcasting upcoming events. However, it's currently impossible for the "Content Channel Item" to link directly to a "Calendar Item." Instead, the Channel Item links to "Content Channel Detail" and then from there we can link to the Calender Item.

This means the data has to be replicated in at least two places, but only one of them can include a registration link. If a Content Channel could link directly to a Calendar Item, it would make Channels much more useful.

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  • DJ Grick

    I agree with Kevin. I added an "alternative URL" to our website ad's content channel and updated the Lava to use If statements to choose which URL to use.

  • Kevin Rutledge

    One option I have done is to add an attribute that lets me select a calendar item that I want to link to the content item. I have also done this for external links where I want to highlight a denominational news item. Then in my content channel display where I list the content channel items, I check to see if either attribute is present and if so, change the Read More... Link to link to either the calendar item or the external page.