Configure Order of Campuses in Campus Selectors

Configure Order of Campuses in Campus Selectors

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Our leadership staff wants the list of campuses to be presented in a specific order. The current selectors alphabetize the lists, which is not the preferred sequence. This forces us to create custom Multi-Select fields to ask for campus in workflow and registration forms, then reconstruct a campus object based on their selection.

It would be simpler if the existing campus selector controls (or modified copies) could use the "order" attribute of the campus, enabling us to control how they are presented.

(A graphical tool to allow setting the order would be a nice add, though no more often than we need to do this I'd be more than happy to manipulate it directly on the database.)

Photo of Steve Swaringen Submitted by Steve Swaringen, Lake Pointe Church  ·   ·  CMS
Photo of Jon Edmiston Complete Jon Edmiston, Spark!  · 
Planned Version 9.1
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  • Jon Edmiston

    I'll add an internal task to get the Campus and Campuses field types to order them by their order.

  • Steve Swaringen

    As far as the graphical tool, it looks like that's already there. General Settings -> Campuses let's you drag the campuses around, and it looks like the Order property is updated accordingly. If the Campus Selectors just honored this order, we'd be good.