Allow Parent Groups to show Child Groups in Group Viewer

Allow Parent Groups to show Child Groups in Group Viewer


Most of us use parent groups in the Group Viewer that we don't intent for people to be added to, they're just used for organizing the different group structures. The existing layout is also a bit confusing to new users as to how to navigate to child groups. A solution to this would be an option in the Group's settings to set the group as a parent group which would show the child accounts on the front page instead of allowing people to be added to the group, this would be similar to the Financial Account page's 'Account List' block.

How idea this would help by:

- Being more intuitive to users (especially newer users) as most people click on the group and don't catch onto the available drop down arrow.  This would allow them another way to see this is a parent group and the list of groups would be in the main block also which would have links to the group(s). 

- Preventing users from adding members to parent groups that should not have members. 

- Possibly allowing for re-ordering of groups instead of just alphabetical listings. 


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