Rock Workflow Samples

Rock Workflow Samples


I am not a developer or coder, we have been working with a Rock Partner, but it would be nice to have churches that would be willing to share some of their basic workflows. It seems as though we are making people just through loopholes that everyone would like to have access too. Even something as simple as an "event approval notification". It would be cool if there was more collaboration. And yes I know about chat, but that is not full disclosure. It just seems like if we are going to make this accessible for churches that don't have big enough budgets or staffs to support an IT human, it would be nice to have that. Just my thoughts. 

Photo of Brianne Shaw Submitted by Brianne Shaw, Lighthouse Church  ·   ·  Workflow
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  • Jim Michael

    Note that prior to v9 it was not possible to share a workflow other than via screen shots. With v9 workflows can now be exported and imported, so I expect that many will get shared as recipes.