Merge People - add blank column

Merge People - add blank column


When merging records, often I would like an option to enter the data I want into a field, instead of choosing between the two records.  Or I need both pieces of information (allergies, or addresses)

Please add a blank column where I could enter the data in a field. 

For example I have a record that has 'Addilynn' as the first name and nick name in one record.  It has 'Addilynn (Addi)' in the other record in both first name and nick name.  I want to put 'Addilynn' as the first name and 'Addi' as the nickname. 

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  • Michael Allen

    When merging 2 people in Rock you can select any piece of data from person A or person B to store to the merged person. But what happens if you need both pieces of data?

    Allergies is a good example. Child A is allergic to dairy and Child B is allergic to peanuts. It would be nice to have the option for a "write-in" where I could store "dairy & peanuts" directly into that attribute without having to go back and manually edit the person after merging.

    For a visual example, here is a link to a help page from FellowshipOne ๐Ÿ™€ showing an example of this in their merge process. (Scroll to the end and check the last 2 pictures)

  • Jim Michael

    I don't understand this example. You can freely pick the First Name from one record and the Nick Name from another record to decide which piece of data you want to merge...