Access to "Received From Number" in SMS REPLY Action

Access to "Received From Number" in SMS REPLY Action


I was wanting to reply to someone with a link to a workflow form and pre-populate the phone number the message came from but Daniel H. said all we have access to is the Message and the CurrentPerson so if the CurrentPerson isn't recognized we can't pre-fill the number. He suggested adding this as an enhancement/idea and to probably include the message sent to number as well. 

Thanks Core Team!

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  • Jon Morrissette

    Added notes for Spark Folks...
    I have this same need. If I send an SMS Response to an number unknown in the database, I would like to populate the workflow form with the number already known. I have tried to send this number to the workflow via a query parameter, but it makes all the browsers angry. So for example if I auto send this message: "Hello. We need more info. Please click here: www.[]/SMSform/?PhoneNumber=+12171112222" I am finding that the browsers will not allow a phone number to pass through the query parameter successfully--the browsers sees it as a phone number and modifies it. So in my receiving form ?PhoneNumber=+12171112222" becomes ?PhoneNumber=2171112222,2171112222," It's a total mess but I think its the chrome/IE Explorer/Safari doing modifying the URL real time.