Pre/Post HTML in Advanced Tab could be smaller

Pre/Post HTML in Advanced Tab could be smaller


The ACE 9 editor Rock uses supports auto-height sizing based on the content. I think it would be beneficial to make use of that so that the Pre/POST HTML boxes in the Advanced Tab when editing a block could be smaller by default. Right now they are seldom used but take up nearly the entire screen. There are also other places in the UI I think this change could be applied, especially in our own custom blocks.

Suggestion would be to set the minimum number of lines visible to 3 and the maximum to 25 lines (currently it can fit 26).

Screenshot_2019-09-09 Home Rock RMS.png

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  • Jim Michael

    And there are other places where the editor is maddeningly small and doesn't have the drag-adjuster thing in the lower corner... but that should probably be another /idea ;-)