Add More Functionality To RockShop

Add More Functionality To RockShop


Rock Shop is great, but I think it has a few missing features. These are a list of feature I would like to see added.

Search - To allow you to quickly go directly to a plugin that you know exists.

Tags - To allow you to specify keywords someone could search for.

More Categories - The current categories are fairly generic. It might be nice if you could suggest categories when you create a plugin. For example, when we created the BEMA SSO Plugin, we were hoping there would be a category for Authentication or 3rd Party Integration.

More From The Developer - It might be nice if you could easily see what else a particular developer has made by clicking on their Name/Organization. For example, if I downloaded the Acme Certificate plugin and had a great experience, I might want to see what else the developer has made. Currently, I have to just go Category by Category to see what else Blue Box Moon has created.

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