Expiring ShortLinks

Expiring ShortLinks


The Short Link system in Rock is very powerful in that it lets you create shortened links on-the-fly via the CreateShortLink Lava filter, but there is an underlying problem in that Short Links never "expire". For a "one off" Short Link you're minting to, say, text back to someone with a link to a workflow instance and it only needs to be usable for a week... these stay in the Short Link list/table forever, providing absolutely no value and just taking up space (granted, very little space) and bloating a table forever.

This idea proposes adding a Time To Live value to a Short Link, so that some mechanism (perhaps the nightly Cleanup Job?) can tidy them up. Both the UI under Admin | CMS Config | Short Links as well as the CreateShortLink Lava filter would need to be updated to allow defining the TTL, and I also think the absence of a TTL value would mean the Short Link lives forever, which matches the current behavior.

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